The Plot Thickens as Ishq e Laa Takes Another Turn!

Azlan Faces Yet Another Tragic Loss! Ishq e Laa has us hooked with its intense storyline, one death after another...
Published 11 Feb, 2022 05:54pm

Azlan Faces Yet Another Tragic Loss!

Ishq e Laa has us hooked with its intense storyline, one death after another has the audiences shocked! After Shanaya’s tragic death, Azlan's father died of a heart attack in the previous episode after meeting the notorious Arbab Haroon. Just as our hero, Azlan was trying to deal with his wife’s passing, he was hit with yet another unimaginable loss. The previous episode saw Arbab Haroon ridiculing Riaz (Azlan’s father) after which he suffered a fatal heart attack. The infamous Arbab Haroon has aced his role with a character we have grown to hate since his first interaction with Shanaya. Once again he came to ‘console’ Azlan for his father’s death.

Now that Azlan seems to have accepted Shanaya’s death, he has decided to avenge her death. In a fit of rage he visited Arbab Haroon and threatened to kill him for murdering Shanaya and causing his father’s death too. We are yet to see what action Azlan takes next and whether he manages to put Shanaya’s murderers behind bars.

Who is Azka's Secret Well-Wisher?

The episode opened up with Yumna Zaidi’s Azka listening to Professor Rahmans lecture on spiritual belief. His words reassured Azka and she believed with her whole heart that the Almighty would bestow his blessings on her and not abandon her in her time of need. It was the last day for fee submission and Kanwal who has turned into the best sister in law ever sold off her earrings in order to accumulate the amount needed to pay Azkas fee for medical college. She gave Azka the good news however Azka remembered that she had handed over her file with all her documents to shanaya. Azka visited Shanaya’s house and asked her mother if she had found her file, however her mother blamed them for Shanaya’s death and asked them to get out.

Not losing hope, Azka and Kanwal went to her medical university to ask for added time to complete the fee submission. It was here that they found out all her dues had been paid by someone anonymously and they had informed her university that they would continue with her entire payment for the next 5 years. The person did not wish for their name to be revealed even after much insistence from Azka. It seems like Azlan has acted upon Shanaya’s wishes and will be paying for Azka’s education. However, why is he staying anonymous is the question we all have!

What’s Next?

Now that Azka is moving on to bigger and better things in life, how will her stalker and ex-fiance Abid react to this new development in her life?

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