Sukoon: Hamdan Faces a Dilema While Juggling Love & Loyalty

ARY's 'Sukoon' emerges as a brilliantly crafted drama, showcasing the talents of renowned actors Ahsan Khan and Sana...
Published 19 Jan, 2024 12:26am

ARY's 'Sukoon' emerges as a brilliantly crafted drama, showcasing the talents of renowned actors Ahsan Khan and Sana Javed in leading roles. The narrative intricately explores the complexities within relationships, love lost and ruthless betrayals.

The plot of Sukoon unfolds the exploitation of Aina's (Sana Javed) innocence and the profound repercussions of blindly falling in love, turning a blind eye to the flaws of the other person. Aina, in her case, becomes a victim of Raza's (Khaqan Shahnawaz) deceit, her innocence making her susceptible to manipulation. Ahsan Khan plays Aina’s knight in shining armour, Hamdan. He saves Aina from a ruthless father who wants nothing to do with Aina after she made the mistake of running away from home in the hopes of marrying Raza. Not only did Aina lose the love of her life that day but also her family.

Aina's world crumbles upon discovering that the boy she wholeheartedly loved has deceived her, shattering her high hopes. She is saved by Hamdan who is forced into Nikkah with Aina but choses to honour it wholeheartedly. As the story unfolds the viewers have been treated to Aina and Hamdan’s friendship grow stronger, where Hamdan is helping Aina pursue her dreams which would never have been fulfilled had she stayed back at her house.

Aima Continues to Suffer the Consequences in Silence After Aima Leaves

While Aina enjoys the freedom she never received back home, her younger sister Aima is seen paying for Aina’s mistakes. Aima was forcefully married off to Aina’s fiancé who leaves no stone unturned to mentally torture Aima and taunt her for her sister’s wrongdoings. One wonders, why is it that Aima - the one who did absolutely nothing wrong except support her sister is the one stuck in the worst possible scenario. In the latest episode we see Aima’s husband pour a jug full of water over her head after he returns back home late in the night and finds her asleep instead of waiting for him to ‘serve’ him food. The mental and physical torture Aima is facing while in a parallel world, Aina and Hamdan enjoy a meal together that Hamdan has prepared. The two sisters have found partners who are poles apart and we can’t help but feel sorry for the bubbly Aima who is being punished for a sin she did not commit.

Will Shanzae aka Gurya Find Out About Aina?

Hamdan - the man with a golden heart played brilliantly by the dapper Ahsan Khan is winning hearts in every episode of Sukoon. The man is a literal walking - talking green flag that any girl would be lucky to have. Currently Hamdan is trying to juggle his relationship with Aima and Shanzae simultaneously. After Shanzae’s little stunt in the hospital, Hamdan could not risk losing her and said he would marry her after Aina’s insistence.

This week’s episode showed Aina and Shanzae almost coming face to face when Shanzae visited Hamdan’s home to give him a surprise by changing the setup. We wonder how long Hamdan and Aina will be able to keep the truth from everyone around them.

Will Hamdan who seems to be torn between Shanzae and Aina, own up and tell Shanzae the truth, risking a mental breakdown once again from her?