The Second Edition of Sindh Livestock Expo 21’ is underway!
The Second Edition of Sindh Livestock Expo 21’ is underway!

The Second Edition of Sindh Livestock Expo 21’ is underway!

With the success of their first Sindh Livestock Expo, Minister of Livestock & Fisheries Mr. Abdul Bari Pittafi...
Updated 12 Mar, 2021 07:26pm

The three-day Sindh Livestock Expo '21 will commence on Saturday, in Hyderabad, near the Hatri Bypass.

High-level officials and dignitaries of the Sindh Government are likely to attend the event which will conclude on 15th March 2021 with a closing ceremony.

The ceremony will feature an Ostrich and Camel dance which will be followed by a Prize distribution ceremony.

The expo will feature different breeds from livestock to birds and fisheries including various exotic animals such as Bison and Belgium Blue Cattle.

The Livestock Expo will provide networking opportunities for B2B farmers. They would be able to gain knowledge of different ways to breed and manage livestock by predicting yields as well as cycles through new and enhanced methods (technology).

With a mission to increase livestock by 5% via 2030, the organisers are confident that they would be able to achieve their goal by highlighting proper breeds as well as utilizing modern-day techniques.

Sindh Livestock Expo '21 also aims to bring together farmers, suppliers for the purpose of sale and procurement of stocks as the platform assist to connect the rural to the end market.

At the launch event, Secretary Livestock & Fisheries Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Mahesar instilled the importance of the Expo and the Livestock & Fisheries Department that caters to the requirements of the livestock sector in the province.

He further highlighted the importance of the sector for the growth of Pakistan’s national economy, as it contributes even more than all the other agricultural crops combined.

Indeed, the role and objectives of the Livestock & Fisheries Department are manifested to support the livestock development in a policy environment that enables farmers to realize the dividends of livestock farming by smartly deploying public investments in core public goods & inducing private capital/initiative in the sector for poverty alleviation, food security & generation of exportable surpluses.

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