Mr. and Mrs.Chooza on ARY Digital Turned out to be a Meaningful Laughter Riot!

The telefilm unveiled the unconventional celebrity pair of Shahroz Subzwari and Saboor Aly in leading roles,
Updated 26 Jul, 2021 01:58pm

After a long first day of Qurbani and staying home- thanks to the fourth wave of the pandemic in Pakistan- we decided to binge-watch the Eid special on ARY Digital. As expected, Team Hip had a blast of viewing time watching all the entertaining content on the first day of the festival

Packed with entertainment and boasting an exciting celebrity cast; the telefilms, amidst all the meaty feasts, gave an extra punch to our Bakra Eid.

Creating a splash alongside the rest was Mr. and Mrs. Chooza, directed by Fajr Raza and produced by Fahad Mustafa’s Big Bang Production. The telefilm unveiled the unconventional celebrity pair of Shahroz Subzwari and Saboor Aly in leading roles, while the supporting cast featured Ayaz Samoo, Nazar-ul-Hasan, Irfan Motiwala, Hina Rizvi, and Asma Noman.

While the story was a laughter riot, it encompassed a very profound message to commemorate the true spirit of sacrifice. Let’s take a quick review of what went down in ARY Digital’s special Eid feature, Mr. and Mrs. Chooza.

The Plot

The story opens with Shahmir (Shahroz Subzwari) and his dabang style entry in the drama as he is soundlessly asleep, dreaming of flaunting the most jaw-dropping sacrificial animal to the people living in his neighborhood.

He is woken up by his wife Nadia (Saboor Aly) who brings him to life and reminds him that there are errands to be run in the day. But our hero here is lost in the thoughts of getting the best and the most majestic animal to slaughter on Eid. He is agitated that all the residents of the compound make fun of him for buying a mediocre goat last year- thus, earning him the name ‘Chooza’ for buying a weakling of an animal.

His wife constantly reminds him that Eid Ul Adha is all about simplicity, remembering the true spirit of sacrifice and celebrating it without any spectacle.

Nevertheless, Shahmir swings into action to convince his wife to buy a camel this Eid. After sprees of relentless arguments, our hero buys a regal camel which instantly becomes the talk of the town.

But the razzle, dazzle around him doesn’t last much as his camel gets stolen. From here begins a never-ending wild goose chase of finding the animal. Shahmir loses his mind, only to get conned by his wife at the end of the story!

Saboor Aly and Shahroz Put Their Best Foot Forward

Mr. and Mrs. Chooza indeed was one wacky, goofy story that compelled us to watch it till the end. The witty dialogues, amusing sarcasm, and its hilarious take on Pakistanis going extravagant on Bakra Eid has made it a must-watch,

We loved Saboor’s savage style as Nadia. She handled the wildness in her avatar with apt, portraying the smart and the tough sides of her character flawlessly. She truly was comical in her dialogue delivery, becoming one of the top reasons we watched the telefilm till the end,

Shahroz pulled off the role of a silly Shahmir with aplomb. So much so, he looked ultra-cute while exhibiting the foolishness of his character, cracking us up and feeling making us feel exasperated towards Shahmir at the same time.

The best part of Mr. and Mrs. Chooza was that it was one meaningful story and not a pointless saga like most telefilms can be. It delivered a strong message that how we need to put an end to pomp and pizzazz on Eid ul Adha and stop creating problems for those around us.

It reminded us that erecting tents that block roads, robbing people of electricity, and hopping in on the competition to buy the best sacrificial animal are futile acts. Bringing us back to the true meaning of Qurbani, the telefilm ended with an important message- making its story all the more worth a watch!