Pardes: Trouble in Paradise for Ebaad and Aiman!

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem and Affan Waheed steal the show in Pardes.
Published 03 Aug, 2021 06:35pm

The Plot

After a shot-gun wedding which was difficult to accept for Ebaad’s mother, another hurdle is in Aiman’s way which has made her relationship with her mother-in-law as rocky as ever. A sudden guest in the form of Sheema api’s husband came for lunch at the house, Aiman was strictly instructed by her mother-in-law not to come out of her room but she mistakenly did so and the encounter was as awkward as ever! A mocking Sheema and her notorious husband had the audacity to joke around with Aiman and tried to hold her hand, calling her with inappropriate names. Aiman being her fiery, confident self could not tolerate this nonsense and gave a befitting reply to him, she then went on to give all of them present on the table a piece of her mind. However, all of this backfired and the mother-in-law who should have been proud of her was extremely upset and believed Aiman was here to ruin her household peace. Things escalated after Ebaad’s mother saw Aiman coming out of his room late in the night, she jumped to the conclusion that Aiman was disobeying her once again! As things got heated up between them in the morning, she called out Aiman for making up stories about Ebaad’s injury and sent her home asking her to leave right away.

Back home after returning, Aiman finds out that the house she had previously stopped from being sold had been sold behind her back. Zubaida and Zaid will now move back to their previous home where Zubaida feels she will find peace with Ahsan’s good memories unlike this house where she saw him succumb to his death.

Is History Repeating itself in Pardes?

Pardes started off as the story of a young couple madly in love but separated due to distance after Ahsan moved abroad for earning a better livelihood for his family back home. However, after the time jump the focus has shifted to Aiman’s story who saw her parents suffer due to the rest of the family, after her marriage she has been facing a different set of issues, history seems to be repeating itself. While Aiman and Ebaad love each other, Ebaad’s mother has issues with Aiman just as Ahsan’s mother had with Zubaida. Ebaad’s mother wants her son to achieve great things and have a better standing in society to rival his step-brother, sounds pretty similar to Ahsan’s case too! Zubaida faced hardships all her life due to her inlaws and Aiman seems to be going through the same at the moment. We only hope Ebaad doesn’t choose to go abroad in search of better opportunities leaving Aiman behind with his mother.

Good Performances Make Pardes a joy to watch!

Remarkable performances by the leading duo, Dur e Fishan Saleem and Affan Waheed have stolen the spotlight since their entry into the show. Dur e Fishan’s feisty character is absolute goals and a treat to watch on-screen, she is the empowered woman that is not afraid to fight for her rights. While Affan Waheed swoops in as Aiman’s knight in shining armour and plays the most loving husband that girls can only dream of! Kudos to the two for their power-house performances!

What’s Next?

Will Aiman smooth things over with her mother in law? Or will the issue escalate further now that Ebaad is aware of all that happened? Watch Pardes every Monday at 8 PM on ARY Digital.