Berukhi: The Plot Thickens & Love Sprouts!

iDream Entertanment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi has been doing the rounds on social media for its interesting...
Published 28 Oct, 2021 06:14pm

iDream Entertanment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi has been doing the rounds on social media for its interesting narrative and a plot that seems to be thickening day by day. However, as the episodes go by, the fans are also loving how the twists in each corner are making it all the more worthwhile too!

What did the last episode look like and where is the story going? Let’s explore!

We saw an exploration of the love brewing between Sabeen and Irtiza over the past few two episodes, and it seems to be only growing strong as the story moves forward. We even see Sabeen on her mother’s advice, visiting the orphanage once again where she and Irtiza seem to be at loggerheads – only then for it to turn into a new infatuation. Sabeen apologizes on her past behaviour and we see something growing right there!

On the other hand, we see that Sana’s father is really upset about what Nazia has fed his mind with, and Nazia and Maira both are dead sure that he is going to break Nabeel and Sana’s engagement. However, to their surprise and shock Sana’s father gives half his shares to the business to Nabeel and names his house to Sana.

In the Irtiza and Sabeen story arc, things seem a tad bit in trouble too. While the two are getting close, Sabeen has no idea what a big celebrity Irtiza Ali Baig is. Irtiza has lied to her about his name he says that his name is Ali. Irtiza has started developing feelings for Sabeen and it also seems that Sabeen also likes Irtiza. Irtiza’s family however, have selected Maira as his bride to be and Aiya Jan wants to hide this news from Irtiza. This could spell out trouble!

What about Kamran meanwhile? We find him showing his true colors to Sabeen where his lecherous and evil self comes forward! We see that he is in fact the same problematic person he always was!

But the confusion, bad decisions and twists just don’t end with Kamran. Aiya Jaan too seems to be brewing a storm as selects Maira for Irtiza. She invites them to her place and showers them with lots of gifts knowing quite well that they are greedy. As the story unfolds, we do see the dark streak in Aiya Jaan who does not want Irtiza to lead a happy life.

With all happening around, it seems Sabeen and Irtiza have a tough journey in front of them, as both sides have troubling people ready to cut their almost-started love story short. Will both of them find any sort of solace or is their more chaos ahead? We’ll find out quite soon!