Ishq e Laa: Azka Finally Meets Her Secret Well-Wisher!

Azka (Yumna Zaidi) finally graduates from her medical college after 5 long years and we see Ishq e Laa taking a time...
Published 20 Mar, 2022 06:45pm

Azka (Yumna Zaidi) finally graduates from her medical college after 5 long years and we see Ishq e Laa taking a time jump of 5 years. A lot has changed over these years but at the same time a lot has remained the same too such as Azlan’s rude and insensitive behaviour with people around him and Abid’s obsession over Azka.

The episode opens up with Arbab Haroon getting sentenced to a life-long imprisonment after he accepts that he was involved in the killing of Shanaya (Sajal Aly). While we thought this would bring peace to Azlan and he would mend his ways, this sadly did not stand true and he remained the same pompous man as before.

Azka has been waiting eagerly for this day as she has now officially become a doctor and has fulfilled all her dreams, she is also super-excited to meet her well-wisher, the person who she has been thanking day and night for the past 5 years whom she calls her ‘mohsin’ a friend and well-wisher who helped her become the doctor that she is today. While Azka was happy to be finally meeting her secret well-wisher little did she know all her happiness was soon going to fade away.

Azka Meets her secret well-wisher after 5 years!

Azka spent the day waiting in Azlan’s office expecting to meet the man who had sponsored her doctoral education since the very first semester to the last. The man she believed was the man who helped her was none other than Azlan, the shock she felt when coming face-to-face with the truth came as a horrible shock to her. She was left speechless while Azlan spoke ill of her and her entire family, he had definitely not forgiven them for not willing to testify against Arbab Haroon. He asked her to leave his office immediately and never to show her face ever again. A heart-broken and shell-shocked Azka left the office and rushed home.

On the other hand, it seems like Azka and Zain have made plans of marrying each other, Zain tells his parents he has made a promise to Azka however, due to a ‘watta-satta’ his mother emotionally blackmails him to marry the girl of her choice in order to have his sister married off into the same household. In the meanwhile as news of Azka’s graduation reaches the neighbourhood, Abid is already planning on going to Azka’s house and asking for her hand in marriage once again. Will he ever leave Azka alone or will his obsession take a darker turn? Watch Ishq e Laa to find out what happens next.