Habs Episode 26: Love is in the Air For Ayesha and Basit

Finally the ice has been broken and the two lovebirds are back to being expressive love birds again. Zoya is in...
Published 06 Nov, 2022 01:37am

Finally the ice has been broken and the two lovebirds are back to being expressive love birds again. Zoya is in trouble again and it looks like this time she will face the brunt of her selfish and ugly actions. Glimpses from Talal’s married life show how he is extremely unhappy with his wife. A favourite of viewers, Habs is an ARY digital prime time hit that has grown in popularity as it airs every Tuesday. In the drama Habs, which has been directed by Mussadiq Malik and written by Aliya Makhdoom, socioeconomic disparities and family troubles cause complications in the marriage of Ayesha and Basit. Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan's characters, Ayesha and Basit, who are married despite hailing from different backgrounds, are the main focus of the story. Basit is married to Ayesha, who comes from a middle-class background with a mother who is quite pompous and manipulative. Their union was more forced by necessity because Basit was required to wed in order to inherit his father's riches and business under the terms of his father's will. Given the financial state of her family and Basit's covert agreement to give Ayesha's mother a sizeable sum, Ayesha was compelled to marry him by her mother and had no choice but to do so. The plot has been developing slowly, but happily .Since last week’s episode, there appears to have been some progress in Ayesha and Basit's plight. Furious, Ayesha storms out of the house after hearing Basit tell Soha (Ayesha Omar) that he wants to leave Ayesha mainly because of her mother. She was about to be struck by a car as she walked aimlessly towards the road, but Basit grabbed her and warned her against what she was planning to do. The two were moved to tears and were able to express their emotions during this frightening encounter. Basit apologizes for what he has done and escorts Ayesha back to his house. Ayesha inquires as to why he was speaking so negatively about her mother, but he requests her to forget about everything and start afresh. Now that they are talking more and expressing their feelings, Basit has at last admitted that he loves Ayesha and that even the thought of leaving her makes him terrified. Every scene makes the audience beam heartily as we witness the gushing chemistry between our favourite on-screen couple. The two are finally acting like married people who are also in love. Ayesha feels a little insecure because Soha is still making an effort to fit into this picture. However, Zoya (Janice Tessa) finds herself in serious trouble after Bobby Phuppo (Hina Rizvi) exposes her when she praises Amir for his love and care for Zoya by giving her 2 lac rupees for shopping solely. Amir came to the realisation that his mother had been correct all along and that Zoya had truly stolen money from her. Furious, he abandons Zoya at her mother's house and expresses guilt for not believing his mother. Zoya loses it when Qudsia Begum (Saba Faisal) criticises her for sinking to such low levels. Zoya in retaliation accuses Qudsia Begum of molding her into the opportunistic and selfish person she is now. She explains to her mother that since she watched her act in that way as a child, she has adopted her behavior. In this episode, Talal is seen with his wife and son, and he doesn't appear to be very content with his marriage. After a string of depressing episodes, this one was incredibly uplifting. We cherished witnessing Ayesha and Basit finally set aside their egos and be vulnerable with one another. After playing their characters to the T as hurt and irate in the previous episode, Ushna Shah and Feroze completely outdid themselves by transforming into full lovebirds. We adored the meticulous attention to detail that went into the direction and execution of Ayesha and Basit moments, leaving the fandom delighted and fully pleased. Although we are eager to learn more about Ayesha and Basit's happily ever after, we are also interested in learning more about Bano's life because she is one of the main supporting characters. Which Ayesha and Basit scene from this episode was your favorite? We adored the two in their balcony and simply couldn't get enough of Ayesha resting her head on Basit’s shoulder.