Taqdeer 21-24: A Saas Who Never Stops

The women in the house appear to have united in opposition to Romi and will do whatever it takes to make things ...
Published 22 Nov, 2022 12:28am

The women in the house appear to have united in opposition to Romi and will do whatever it takes to make things worse for her.

Taqdeer is a Big Bang Entertainment production and was written by Doorway Entertainment. Drama fans have been praising it since it debuted on ARY Digital. It airs from Monday to Thursday at 9:00 pm. Taqdeer is a story of Tahir's (Javed Shiekh) only and most pampered daughter, Romaisa, also known as Romi (Alizeh Shah), who is incredibly loved yet modest. However, Romi she gets married into a household that does not value her purity and kindness. Her mother-in-law never stops looking for excuses to make her life worse despite her constant efforts and sacrifices for her in-laws. Sami Khan plays Asad, a successful businessman who marries Romi after falling in love with her. However, Asad has a troubled personality, a need for attention, and a preference for his controlling mother and sister. The younger brother of Asad, Nabeel, is married to Maheen, portrayed by Aliya Ali. Maheen is very cunning and self-centered, and she takes advantage of Rumi's innocence. She takes every opportunity to disparage Romi because of the fact that everyone likes her.

Romi visits her mother without telling Asad, and his mother later claimed that she didn't tell her either, making Asad unhappy. Romi becomes frightened and sick as a result of his anger, passing out in her own home. Asad realised how unjust it was that despite Romi's attempts, he only preferred his mother when his father pointed this out to him. Asad then visited Romi at her mother's house and was convinced to stay by Rumi's family and go with them for Haris's proposal. After a desperate call from Zuni saying that Fehmida is sick, Asad and Rumi returned home without attending Zaira's house for her brother's proposal.

In front of his mother, Asad stands up for Romi after the food she was making is burned due to Mahin's foul deed of turning up the flame while Roomi was on a call. Even when Romi truly apologised for burning the food, her mother-in-law continued to scold her which Asad criticized was unfair. Romi's Phuppo informs Zaira's stern mother at home that this proposal was sent after her daughter and her nephew expressed interest in one another, which enrages Zaira's mother. She departs feeling somewhat let down and on the verge of declining the proposal. Fehmida's foreign nephew Saad is arriving. The rice Romi was preparing was mistakenly thrown away while she was cleaning up, which of course led to further verbal abuse from her mother-in-law. Following his arrival, Saad appears to be extremely taken aback by Romi and instantly befriends her.

Romi feels hesitant to approach Fehmida and ask for permission to visit Zaira's home. Saad assists her in obtaining permission by saying that he wants to explore the city and thinks Romi can take her around.

Romi was effective in convincing Zaira's mother, and on the way home, Saad and Romi saw Zuni with Shehzad, her boyfriend, in a coffee shop. Saad suggested to take a photo of the two of them so that the rest of the family would believe her, but she was unable to. After arriving home, she tries to speak with Zuni and tells her that she should stop what she's doing because the man does not appear to be a good match for her.

Romi dreamt that when she tries to speak to Asad, he thinks she is lying to harm Zuni's reputation and drags her out of the house. Fehmida tries to humiliate Romi and her mother once more, but this time Asad's father stands up for her.

Being her naive self, Romi tells Maheen of Zuni's relationship. Romi asks whether Maheen can provide the address of her college in so that she can go to her college and prove to everyone that Zuni is interested in someone. Maheen gives the impression as though she is on Roomi's side, but in reality, she tells Zuni everything while posing as her sympathizer.

Haris arrives at Romi's house, and Maheen invites him inside while Romi is being scolded by her mother-in-law for informing everyone about Zuni. Haris enters the kitchen and discovers Fehmida burning Romi's hand. Naturally, Haris is enraged by this and decides to take her home with him. Romi's mother gives her the advice to not tell anyone about this.

When Asad learns from Romi that Fehmida burned her hand, he doesn't believe him and confronts his mother during breakfast. Of course, Fehmida accuses Romi of lying and rejects all of her accusations.

Maheen is deceiving everyone into thinking that she is on their side, and even when Asad confronts Fehmida about burning Romi's hand, Maheen convinces Asad that Romi is lying and that Fehmida has never done anything like that to her, so why would she do it to Romi. Now, Maheen and Fehmida are scheming together to keep Asad from leaving their house with his wife by either getting Romi out of his life or making it unbearably difficult for her to survive.

The episodes this week were a complete shocker as Fehmida keeps stooping to new lows with every episode. But it was encouraging to see Asad finally standing up for Romi and appreciating how hard she was working to not let him down in front of his mother. Even if the drama paints a very unpleasant picture, it is very much a reality in many houses in our society, and many girls are asked by their own mothers to suffer in silence at the hands of their in-laws in order to save their marriage.

In the upcoming episodes, we want to see Asad's love for Romi rekindled and him realizing that his wife is only naive but still trying her best to win everyone over.

What do you think will happen in the next episodes? Will Zuni, Fehmida and Maheen make Romi’s life more difficult?