Jay Kadn’s Akhiyaan Starring Mashal Khan Is Winning Hearts Across Borders

Saturday, 29th April 2023: The uber-talented musician Jay Kadn recently released his new song “Akhiyaan” - the senti...
Published 02 May, 2023 11:47pm

Saturday, 29th April 2023: The uber-talented musician Jay Kadn recently released his new song “Akhiyaan” - the senti song of summer 2023, starring the beautiful leading Pakistani actress Mashal Khan and produced by Vee much to the across the borders music lovers’ delight.

Inspired from and a tribute to Akheeya by 5RB, the heart-touching song “Akhiyaan” by the music label Moviebox (Birmingham) Ltd. Has garnered 1.8 million views within 7 days of its release and is continuing to rise in popularity every day.

After a 6-year hiatus from the UK music scene, award-winning music producer Vee is back with a fresh new international spin on this UK classic “Akhiyaan” with super smooth vocals by Jay Kadn, an artist Vee has mentored for 14 years, and additional vocals from Shujat and Faizan Fateh Ali Khan, which makes this song a must-listen for all.

Since its release in April 2023 in India, Pakistan and the rest of the world, “Akhiyaan” has gone on to rule the hearts of music lovers globally. With Vee, the prodigy behind Guru Randhawa - one of the biggest South Asian artists in the world, it is no surprise that “Akhiyaan” is set to become a chart topper.

With over 30 Million views on Youtube and 5 UK BBCAN Number 1’s, the recording artist, songwriter, musician, and performer Jay Kadn not only enjoys a great South Asian fan following but has also become a name associated with major music labels including T-Series, Yash Raj Films, SaReGaMa, Sony Music, and has also recently worked with music mogul & super producer Timbaland on his newly launched platform called Beatclub.

The leading Indian music producer Vee with mega hits like Lahore and High Rated Gabru under his belt, the stellar actress Mashal Khan of Parizaad and Suno Chanda fame, and the polished singer Jay Kadn on vocals have all come together for this fantastic musical collaboration that has turned out to be a complete treat for music lovers.

Watch the official music video at the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvyHA4UmEVw

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