Celebrities Raise Their Voice Against Arrest of Former PM Imran Khan

In a sudden unfortunate turn of events the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and current Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf...
Published 10 May, 2023 01:27am

In a sudden unfortunate turn of events the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and current Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chief, Imran Khan was arrested on Tuesday afternoon while appearing in court for the Al Qadir Trust case at the Islamabad High Court (IHC). Pakistani celebrities shared their dismay, horror and disappointment over the unfair decision, and called for justice to prevail.

Khan was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau outside of the Islamabad High Court. His party has been asking for elections to be held and has a massive following across all provinces of Pakistan.

Maya Ali, Saba Qamar, Zhalay, Adnan Siddiqui and Anoushey Ashraf amongst others have shared their thoughts with the public over different social media networks.

Yunhi actress Maya Ali says it is a black day for the nation and for Pakistan and pledges that she continues to stand with Imran Khan

Gohar Rasheed shared his views over twitter and Instagram

Adnan Siddiqui angrily voiced his opinion on twitter, "Shameful and shocking to see a former PM being dragged like a petty criminal. Never in the history of our country were such scenes witnessed. Power has surely gone to the ruling dispensation’s head."

Actress Mariam Mirza sends prayers for the former PM

RJ and host, Anoushey Ashraf shared her utter shock and stating, "One man against Rome. One man. If this video footage doesn't shake you to the core, you're already dead on the inside. Dear Allah, have mercy on Pakistan. Oh people of my country, never forget this black day. Absolute violation of power."

Atiqa Odho took to Instagram and penned down her thoughts, she states, “Imran Khan arrested while sitting inside the court. Shameful! He was there to get bail but they used the moment to NAB him instead. Chief Justice should insist he's presented back in court to ensure his safety at once! Any citizen following the law and respecting the courts of Pakistan deserves security!”

Armeena Rana Khan also tweeted in favour of Khan and pledged her support to him

Saba Qamar penned down a heart breaking note to her followers saying, “This place is no longer habitable”