Hemani Interview with cricketers: “IMAD WASIM”

Hemani Interview with cricketers: “IMAD WASIM”
Published 14 Apr, 2022 04:32pm

1- Being one of the heroes of the country, how does it feel to launch your own perfume?

I am truly honored to be a part of this trend. However, this is only the beginning, there’s still a long way to go.

2- Give us some insight about this fragrance? How did you thought of this fragrance? What inputs you had in the development of the perfume?

WB by Hemani deserves the majority of the credit because this was their idea. The smell, on the other hand, was totally my choosing. I reasoned that if this was the type of smell I enjoyed, others would like it as well. As a result, I chose this fragrance, which was released by WB by Hemani.

3- In Pakistan, people normally go for brands outside Pakistan when they look to buy their perfume? Does your perfume match the quality compared to other branded perfumes?

While it is true that some individuals prefer branded perfumes, I purchase them myself. But, as Hemani is a well-known brand, we thought it would be a good idea to start and provide something of similar quality. This is only the beginning; we intend to introduce more similar scents in the future. Our goal with this perfume was to create something of comparable quality that was created solely in Pakistan, so that people would rather buy from a local brand than from a brand from outside Pakistan.

4- When people look for perfume of their heroes, they inspire to become you. How do you think of that mindset?

True! I believe this is beneficial to Pakistan since I also began playing cricket after being inspired by someone, and now I have the privilege of representing my country, which is a huge honor in itself. Similarly, it is fantastic that Pakistani cricketers and heroes inspire young boys and girls to enter the world of cricket. It will be advantageous to Pakistan in the long run. I think it’s great, I am honored!

5- What inspired you to step into the world of fragrance while being active in Cricket?

Nothing much! This was a fantastic opportunity for me to do something other than cricket while also contributing to my country. This, in my opinion, is a good way to give back to your country. There are many more things planned for the future, and we will continue to deliver amazing things to the Pakistani community. This is a long-term endeavor, and we will continue to release a wide range of high-quality perfumes in the future as well.

6- What’s next in the field of fragrance for you?

I'm a big fan of oudh myself, and I'm quite eager to see something similar to Oudh. I've been in talks with Wasim Badami about introducing something like oudh on multiple levels. We're hopeful that our future scents will also meet people's expectations.

7- How would you describe your taste in perfumes?

Because I am the type of person who uses Oudh frequently, I am drawn to powerful scents. So, clearly, I like perfumes with a strong scent and a scent that is more akin to pure oudh.

8- Name someone who you look up to who is not a cricketer.

Ronnie O' Sullivan, the snooker player, is someone I really look up to.

9- What is one historic match you wished you were a part of?

I wish I could have been a part of the 2019 match versus Afghanistan that we won; it was an incredible accomplishment. The 2017 Champions Trophy Final against India, as well as the World Cup 2021.

10- Is there a pre-match ritual you follow?

I don't do anything; I just go play!

11- What advice would you give to aspiring cricketers?

Just don't give up because ups and downs are a part of life. Do what your mind tells you to do. Don’t judge your own self on the basis of what people say about you; because you eventually become what you think of yourself to be. Be strong!

12- Any message for your fans?

I am what I am because of your support so just keep on supporting me.