Sevak: The Confession's Drops Major Truth Bombs

The plot has been weaved to shed light on the tragic events that happened between 1984 to 2022.
Published 29 Nov, 2022 06:14pm

Dark, thrilling, and gritty; Sevak: The Confession's first episode is bound to give the viewers goosebumps. The hype around director Anjum Shehzad’s and writer Saji Gul’s web series has been around for quite some time. Seems like it will have the audience hooked to it throughout.

Released via Vidly. tv: the unconventional cast includes Mohsin Abbas, Hajra Yamin, Nazarul Hassan, Nayyer Ejaz, Adnan Jaffar, and Ammara Malik in the lead cast. The plot has been weaved to shed light on the tragic events that happened between 1984 to 2022. Entertainment enthusiasts who are into historical dramas will find Sevak’s story extremely intriguing.

Let’s reflect on how the pilot episode unveiled itself upon us and what we are expecting next from the tale.

A journalist and a mystery man

The story begins with some commotion outside the house of an Indian journalist, Vidya (Hajra Yamin). She is being harassed and targeted by some thugs. But why?

A series of flashbacks finally begins to unwrap the story. First, we see a Sikh Singer, Jeet Singh (Mohsin Abbas Haider) murdered in an accident. His death ignites a furor amongst his community who believe the newspapers that it was a car accident that killed him.

However, there is one mysterious man named Mannu who knows the true story and the hidden agenda behind the singer’s death. He contacts Vidya to share his secrets with the journalist. At first, our female protagonist dismisses all his confessions. But later, his version of history shakes her up and she realizes that she is about to unravel a deep, dark secret of the past.

Amongst the throwbacks, we also see Jeet’s birth in a Sikh family. The irony shown in the web series reveals that his demon was born on the same day. However, Jeet’s family members get murdered in the riots of 1984 in India. What happens to the baby and how his mother ends up saving him, we will find out in the next episode.

Powerful content here to thrive

We truly need to applaud the makers of Sevak: The Confessions for taking this initiative and giving people an insight into the history they have no idea about. The web series has become an intriguing and innovative way to spread awareness amongst viewers. The cast too has been wisely selected to provide a breath of fresh air to the audience. What we loved the most was the transformation in looks of Hajra Yamin and Mohsin Abbas Haider, that added versatility to their performances.

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We saw little of Moshin Abbas as Jeet. Hajra got the most screen time, and so far she has delivered an impeccable performance as the young, striving journalist who misses her father and wants to ensure she stands true to his vision of telling the truth.

Episode two is going to reveal even more explosive truths and we cannot wait for it to release next week.