Pinjra Review: Abhaan's Story Takes Another Horrible Twist

Will there be any relief for Abhaan?
Published 03 Dec, 2022 09:52am

It seems like troubles for Abhaan are not to be over any time soon. The poor child's life is on the verge of breaking apart, and the current circumstances in the plot have made it even worse for him.

The cast stars Omair Rana as Jawaid, Hadiqa Kiani as Khadija, and Sunita Marshal as Wajiha along with the child stars- Aashir Wajahat as Azaan, Aina Asif as Abeer and Ahmed Usman as Abhaan. Together, they are delivering phenomenal performances in their respective roles.

When there will be any relief for Abhaan? Let’s review what has happened so far in the story.

No bail for Abhaan

We all know how things got escalated in Pinjra as Abhaan becomes the reason behind the accident of a student in school. During a fight he throws his rival, Umar, off the school’s balcony, resulting in a grave injury that puts him in a coma.

Of course, Abhaan is in trouble and his father’s wrath is more severe on him than ever before. In this episode, we see that he has been sent to jail. No one really can understand that Abhaan got furious as Umar was mocking his sister, Abeer.

Umar’s father turns out to be a rich, influential personality who is heartless and wants to Abhaan behind bars. So much so, he commands his lawyers to ensure he doesn’t get bailed and faces the worst torture in jail.

Khadija cannot fathom the thought of his youngest son behind bars. Azaan is heartbroken with the anguish of his younger brother in misery, Meanwhile, Jawaid is irritable and annoyed more than ever before. Quite rudely, he blames Wajiha for spoiling his children and blames her son and daughter for being a bad influence on his family.

Poor Wajiha was being a true friend in need. But it seems she is now all set to find a true companion in Arsalan (Fuqran Quraishi). He is a lawyer and will surely be the hero the story needs.

What is to happen next?

The promo of the next episode shows that Umar has died. However, Arsalan advises Wajiha that Abhaan’s father should quickly change his lawyer. Amidst all this, we just feel bad for Abhaan and how much suffering he is undergoing.

Will there be any salvation for the child? Will his parents realize that he is a different soul who needs love and attention like his other siblings? We truly hope so.

We watch it every Wednesday and remember the late legendary writer, Asma Nabeel for Pinjra is amongst her last work and it is no less than a literary gem. The drama indeed has us all hooked on the storyline and social media cannot stop praising it for harboring a powerful plot.

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