Feroze Khan turned down a Hollywood film offer

Winning an Oscar is no big deal, says Khan
Updated 12 Mar, 2020 09:34pm

Feroze Khan recently quit the showbiz industry, saying that he chooses God over worldly riches. In a recent interview with Something Haute, he made another big announcement. The Khaani star will soon launch his own clothing line.

He let us in on what he is currently working on - his own clothing brand. The official launch announcement will be done real soon, as the actor said.

During the same interview, he was asked whether he would accept a Hollywood offer, now that he wishes to no longer act. Feroze Khan replied that he was recently made such an offer but he turned it down, primarily because at the time he was facing a dilemma of what he really wants from life.

It was a lead role that was offered to him, but for him winning an Oscar is no big achievement. Religion comes first and matters the most, says Feroze.