Meherposh: The Drama Cannot Get Any More Twisted!

Find out what you've missed so far on Meherposh's plot twists and dramatic turns!
Published 18 Jul, 2020 07:37pm

Meherposh is surely reaping high ratings on Geo Entertainment. It is one of the most fast-paced stories of the season that has its cast delivering strong performances.

However, the story packs a lot of clichés and has a predictable plot. Like in every drama, it too has a love triangle that is just getting more irritating and frustrating over time. Let’s take a quick review of what has been happening in Meherposh this month!

Naeem has a change of heart

Finally, the truth dawned upon Naeem that it was his dear Chachi Shakila that provoked him into divorcing Mehru. A character sketch of Naeem’s role in the story has made us realized that there is no in-between to his state of emotions. If he gets aggressive, he will unveil his most lethal side in the tale. Now that he has a change of heart and has realized that he was wrong about Mehru all along, he has become unconvincingly soft towards her.

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He wants Mehru to instantly forgive her for all the vile things he did to her and is now on a hunt to find the right suitor for her. We understand that his guilty conscience is eating him up. No matter how broken and shattered he is, we don’t feel sorry for him. After all, his a grown-up man and made all his life-choices in full sanity.

Meanwhile, Ayat has turned Cinderella for Shah Jahan’s ailing mother. She has taken the entire house under her custody; cooking, cleaning, and taking care of his mother in an attempt to become the ideal future ‘bahu’.

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Poor Ayat has no idea that Shah Jahan is in love with her sister. Gradually, we are seeing Mehru developing a soft spot for our hero, given that she finally realizes that it was her father that left him as their caretaker.

Shakila’s character is missing from the last two episodes. However, Shah Jahan’s mother is now bringing the toxic flavor in the plot with her taunts and bitterness towards Mehru. The promo of the next episode shows her telling Shah Jahan that she is all set to make amends and marry him into Master Sahab’s home. However, she obviously fails to mention to him that it is Ayat that she has chosen as her daughter in law and not Mehru.

We are Missing Iffat Omer in the drama

Shakila’s character was indeed annoying but we are missing Iffat Omar’s portrayal of her poisonous persona. We hope to see her story continues in the upcoming episode where she gets a taste of her own medicine now that her son has left her.

We are also bored of seeing repeated scenarios of Shah Jahan and Mehru always meeting on the road, where he is always stopping his motorcycle to offer her a ride and she is always adamant to accept his offer. Such a situation is crafted in almost every episode and it will be refreshing to see something new happening in the scenes between the couple.

Ayeza Khan stuns in every frame. We are loving her look in the drama and of course her performance as well. Soon, an ugly and probably intolerable rift will be erupting between Shah Jahan, Mehru, and Ayat. Let’s see what Meherposh will offer us in the future.