An Air of Mystery Surrounds Laapata and We’re Loving it!

The ongoing drama ‘Laapata’ starring Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Sarah Khan and Gohar Rasheed in lead roles has...
Published 25 Sep, 2021 12:56pm

The ongoing drama ‘Laapata’ starring Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Sarah Khan and Gohar Rasheed in lead roles has created quite the buzz. The play is written and directed by Khizer Idrees who already has films such as Verna, Superstar and Zindagi Tamasha under his belt. Laapata has built up quite the story and we’re loving the intense narrative so far!

Daniyal’s True Face is Revealed!

Recent developments in what started off as a cheerful family drama have got us hooked to HUM TV’s Laapata. With the mystery behind Daniyal finally revealed, the drama has taken a sudden turn into what seems like the most mysterious storyline ever. Gohar Rasheed who plays Daniyal seemed like the perfect guy that every girl would be lucky to have, turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s disguise. Having a million skeletons in his cupboard, Falak discovered that he was previously married to a girl he had eloped with and due to having severe trust and anger management issues he shot her, killing her on the spot thinking she was having an affair while she was simply meeting her brother in secret. The revelations were purely shocking for us as viewers and Daniyal’s psychotic behaviour had us at the edge of our seats, scared for Falak’s survival with him after he found out about Shams.

Falak was saved by the housekeeper who hit Daniyal with a frying pan on his head and Falak sought refuge in her house later on. However, he was able to reach there and that is when falak hit him with a steel jug not once but twice. Kudos to Sarah Khan for defending herself so bravely against the mad-man Daniyal. What fate is in store for Daniyal is what we are waiting to see in the coming episodes.

Geeti & Shams Kick-Start their New Relationship

The newly engaged Geeti has been paying extra attention to her beau Shams, he however, is not willing to reciprocate as much. An extremely annoyed Geeti gives him a piece of his mind and makes him realise how wrongfully he has been treating her. Shams is doing exceptionally well at work and is given a bonus for his good performance. He heads on to buy a motorcycle and excitedly takes Geeti out on their first date on the newly bought motorbike. Shams may still be hung up on Falak but he is slowly moving on and trying to form a new bond with Geeti.

The Return of Falak

Falak bravely faces Daniyal without any help except for her housekeeper and after she injures him leaving him bleeding profusely she runs back to her home and collects her belongings. Falak is unharmed and reaches Karachi giving Shams the shock of his life when he opens the door. As the two meet and their eyes connect, one can see the love the duo share for each other, the chemistry between the two is electrifying without any exchange of words the silence is deafening and one can feel the hurt they harbour in their hearts.

Upon meeting the rest of the family Falak does not disclose what she faced with Daniyal and mentions that he has moved to London for work and she would be joining him the following month. Falak’s behaviour was definitely strange, why is she hiding the truth from her own family has left a million dollar question on our minds!

What’s Next for Shams and Falak?

Ali Rehman Khan the blue eyed hero has us mesmerised as Shams, when he looks at Falak with those eyes that are a window into his soul, one cannot help but feel sorry for the loss he feels in his heart. Sarah Khan on the other hand has not forgiven him for what he did and is avoiding any conversation with him at all costs. Once Falak reveals the truth about Daniyal, will Shams still go ahead with his wedding to Geeti? We are anxious to see how the story unfolds.