Ayeza Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi Recreate Magic in Jaan e Jahan First Two Episodes!

Drama serial Jaan e Jahan is making waves since the first news of the drama was unveiled. Fans of the Pyarey Afzal...
Published 27 Dec, 2023 12:33pm

Drama serial Jaan e Jahan is making waves since the first news of the drama was unveiled. Fans of the Pyarey Afzal couple have been excited from the first look to finally the first two episodes being aired on television. The episodes have broken all records across social media and garnered a whopping 10.1 TRP.

Jaan e Jahan promises a captivating journey of the leading pair Mahnoor and Shehram essayed by the dynamic duo Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi. The on-screen couple is reuniting after their blockbuster drama Pyarey Afzal that aired in 2003. The audiences were in love with them then and are already mesmerised by the on-screen magic the duo created in the first two episodes.

The Plot

Mahnoor (Ayeza Khan) is a fusion of the girl-next-door and a bold, confident young woman who does not stand for anything unjust, be it with her or her family members. The series opens up to Mahnoor’s wedding festivities. She is already annoyed with the number of taunts her to-be mother in law passes to Mahnoor’s parents for being ‘middle class’. A major incident unfolds at the wedding where her sister gets harassed by the grooms cousin.

She doesn’t care whether they belong to her future in-laws and a heated argument ends with Mahnoor slapping the boy who harassed her sister. Following this the groom and his family walk out, breaking off the marriage.

We see an impressed Shehram (Hamza Ali Abbasi) watching everything from the side-lines, it seems like he is cheering on Mahnoor and believes she did the right thing. The viewers can already see the two are alike in many ways. The only difference lies in their financial status where Shehram is the son to a wealthy landlord and businessman Murad Shah (Asif Raza Mir)

Shehram’s mother has passed away when he was a young child and his step mother Kishwar is a wolf in sheep’s skin as she plots her way to inherit her husbands’ fortune after his death. She raises her voice for her two sons Tabraiz (Haris Waheed) and Abdul (Raza Talish) who are busy squandering away their father’s hard-earned money. The two are reckless, dishonest and disrespectful - complete opposite of the golden-boy Shehram who is the apple of his father’s eye and rightfully so.

Mahnoor has been shown as a character that fights for what is right and does not tolerate the wrongdoings of anyone, her values and beliefs are similar to Shehram’s and we’re happy to see how the drama is being pushed towards Shehram and Mahnoor’s characters to cross paths. The first two episodes had a rollercoaster of emotions where we encountered a diverse cast of characters, each revealing shades of goodness, darkness, and the deceptive allure of beauty.

Major Plot Twist Leaves Fans Heart-Broken

Mir Shah Murad became a fan favourite with his wisdom and love for Shehram. He treated all those beneath him with immense respect and quickly won the audiences heart. His sudden death in the second episode will now become the turning point in Shehram’s life. Will Kishwar shed her sheep’s skin and turn into the wolf against Shehram or will he be able to keep the family together just as his father had all his life.

The second episode ended with a suspenseful twist, with the viewers questioning whether Mir Shah Murad's demise is a result of foul play or was it natural causes that caused his sudden death.

The first two episodes of the highly awaited drama provided a promising start to the classical romance that the teasers have promised us. We are anxiously waiting to see how Shehram and Mahnoor’s story moves forward and how his step-mother Kishwar gets her hands on Shehram’s inheritance.

The Team Behind Jaan e Jahan

The drama is produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz of Next Level Entertainment, and is directed by Qasim Mureed. Jaan e Jahan is penned down by famed writer Rida Bilal.