Ayeza Khan Lands in Hot Water After Promoting Fairness Cream

The media industry has been moving for an end to endorsing 'whitening' products, but Ayeza Khan's commercial says different.
Published 12 Oct, 2020 05:53pm

Ayeza Khan has recently starred in an advertisement for 'Faiza Beauty Cream' which endorses whitening products, associating with the 'fair is beautiful' concept. After celebrities such as Aamna Ilyas, Ayesha Omar and Mahira Khan have all spoken out against the endorsement of whitening products, a movement started in the industry.

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Ayeza's latest commercial for the cream landed her in hot waters after the message was sent that fairness guarantees fame and affluence, leaving fans angered and confused by the indication according to the ad. With other members of the media fraternity speaking out about how the fairness ads are encouraging unhealthy concepts of cosmetic beauty, this was not expected from the actor.

It's safe to say fans were extremely disappointed with the Meray Pass Tum Ho star who had won the hearts of fans with her iconic roles. By choosing to star in a fairness beauty cream which promotes the very ideals many celebrities here are trying to shatter and highlight is extremely problematic, resulting in many feeling disillusioned with the actor.

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