Pehli Si Muhabbat Brings Old-School Romance Back to Our Screens!
Pehli Si Muhabbat Brings Old-School Romance Back to Our Screens!

Pehli Si Muhabbat Brings Old-School Romance Back to Our Screens!

Starring Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munavar in the lead roles, this classic love story is a must watch!
Published 28 Feb, 2021 06:18pm

Written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Anjum Shahzad, Idream Entertainment’s Pehli Si Mohabbat is a play that has caught the viewers’ attention with its take on ‘first’ love. Starring Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munavar in the lead roles, this classic love story is a must watch!

The Story So Far

Aslam (Sheheryar Munavar) refuses to marry his cousin Bushra (Hina Afridi) and requests his family not to go and get his marriage date fixed. His older brother Akram (HSY) nor his mother (Saba Faisal) listen to him and they visit Bushra’s family. Fortunately for Aslam, Bushra’s father refuses to fix the marriage within a few months, citing Aslam’s unemployment as his reason. Bushra asks for Zainab’s (Uzma Hassan) help as she is unable to refuse marriage to Aslam on her own. Upon returning when Zainab tries to reason with her mother and brother about Aslam’s wishes, she is taunted by Akram and he indirectly asks her to return back home the next morning, although she had planned to stay longer. It looks like Aslam’s mother does not have much say in the house, and Akram manages to get his way by any means. The siblings, Aslam and Uzma share a heart-touching moment together as she bids him farewell, showing the two are the perfect brother-sister duo. On the other hand, things get heated up between Rakshi and her step-mother Nargis who talks to her about her marriage plans, Rakshi asks her not to meddle into her private life. However, it seems Nargis is just looking out for her and tells her to be cautious of every move she makes next.

Applaud Worthy Performances in Pehli Si Muhabbat

It is the ensemble cast that makes any play worth watching, the script, dialogues and story could be block-buster worthy but what makes it a super-hit are the people that are able to win over the hearts of the viewers, this is what makes Pehli Si Muhabbat such a great watch!

Sheheryar Munavar’s expressions are exceptional, his pain and hurt are felt through his eyes, in the scene where Aslam scurries behind Rakshi and her father in order to catch a glimpse of her, Rakshi stumbles and falls hurting herself, Aslam is distraught and helpless as he can’t help her. This scene will make old-school romance-lovers swoon.

Maya Ali as Rakshi is all you need to see to make your Saturday night all better! Playing the lovely girl next door, Rakshi’s innocence has won us over. Maya and Sheheryar’s sizzling chemistry on screen cannot stop you from grinning ear-to-ear when the two bring back old-school romance back to life. Rakshi’s fiery comebacks with her step-mother while sweet avatar with Aslam shows us an entirely different side of the Rakshi we’ve grown to love.

Uzma Hassan as Zainab, Aslam’s sister, is the only one who sympathises with Aslam’s plight of not marrying Bushra. She steals the spotlight with her role, delivering hard-hitting dialogues and the pain she hides in her eyes, which only Aslam is able to see. Hassan, is a superb addition to Pehli Si Muhabbat and we hope we will be seeing her in the future episodes too.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin – HSY, the notorious, ‘Molvi’ Akram bhaijaan, has caught our eye, far from his real life getup and persona, for a debut performance, HSY has performed tremendously well. Akram is the strict brother who wants everything to go his way, we love his scene with Aslam and Zainab in the latest episode, and you as a viewer, end up hating his guts, that’s how well he has personified his role.

Rabia Butt as Nargis has a difficult role to play, married to a much older Faizullah (Shabbir Jan) she has to play step-mother to Rakshi who completely detests her. Nargis comes from a dubious background and is scorned by the entire neighbourhood for it. We love how her character and fierce personality is developing as the story unfolds, she shows she isn’t as bad as everyone makes her out to be by keeping Rakshi’s secret from her father. Rabia and Maya Ali’s scenes are an absolute treat to watch. We are yet to see what role Nargis will play as the story unfolds further.

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What’s Next?

Will Aslam tell his family about his love for Rakshi? Watch the promo for the next episode here: