Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi: Will Sumbul Win the Gamble She’s Playing?

Yumna Zaidi’s Sumbul takes a chance on a different route to achieve freedom from the life she’s living.
Published 24 Mar, 2021 02:49pm

Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi talks about the many evils prevalent in the society around us. It is an awe-inspiring take on different people who are victims of various issues such as prostitution, corruption, dowry, forced begging, polio, girl-child education and the unfair feudal system! Directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Bee Gul, the drama based on never losing hope is an eye-opening and captivating watch for all.

The play remains as one of the top trending dramas over the last 10 weeks, although we must admit it is not one for the faint hearted. Where young girls like Allah Rakhee are sold into prostitution and innocent boys like Jamshed are robbed of their childhood and forced into beggary; the play covers it all and as heart-wrenching as it is, the audiences are loving it.

The Plot

Sumbul (Yumna Zaidi) has suddenly changed gears and is no longer down in the dumps, the cheerful persona she’s donning has a reason of its own. She’s got the rich old man Nizami Sahab wrapped around her finger, she asks him for a mobile phone and he gets her one knowing she’s not allowed to have one in the brothel. Nizami then asks the Madam (Navid Shehzad) not to send Sumbul for anymore parties and has agreed to compensate with a heavy amount for this. In private, he asks Sumbul if she would like to live with him away from the brothel and this is where Sumbul realises she must hold on to this chance as it may be the only time she would be free of this prison. Sumbul steps in and saves the new girl Saadia, protecting her from going to a party, she decides to go out herself instead of Saadia.

The story also unfolds the truth about the Aunty and we find out that she is not the one calling the shots as we thought, she speaks on the phone to someone who is planning to kill Sumbul since she is more of a problem for the establishment. The person’s face has not been revealed yet, however we can guess it is the friendly doctor who seems to be the one on the phone.

Jamshed is being let go by the jail due to good behaviour, however Baba Rakha (Iftikhar Iffi) is there to receive him and he now has bigger plans for the innocent child. Jamshed has been put to work in a home where in the near future he would have to help Rakha and his goons to loot the entire household.

Noman Ijaz, Wahaj Ali Finally Make an Appearance!

We are finally introduced to Noman Ijaz and Wahaj Ali who share a loving father-son relationship with each other, it is yet unclear how Jamshed (Wahaj Ali) ended up with Noman Ijaz, the story still has a lot of mysteries that are yet to be uncovered. Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi has kept its viewers engaged throughout with various twists and turns and we can’t wait to hear Jamshed’s story from being a beggar on the streets to an activist.

Yumna Zaidi and Yasra Rizvi share an amazing rapport on screen!

Two of the finest actresses, Yasra Rizvi and Yumna Zaidi have been paired up in the drama as Savera and Sumbul, the bond they share on-screen is of two non-biological sisters, they are each other’s c confidantes’ and would go to any extent to protect one another. The scene where Sumbul shares her secret with Savera was a treat to watch.

An Air of Mystery Surrounds Dil Na Umeed toh Nahi

Although the play shows Sumbul listening to Jamshed’s videos on her phone, we are not sure if she recognises him from her past or it is just an attachment that she feels for him somehow, or simply finds him motivating. We are yet to see how the two will meet and whether they will remember each other.

What’s Next?

Will Sumbul’s plan of getting out of her life at the brothel with Nizami’s help see success? We are anxious to see how she tackles Aunty and her henchmen who are out to get her.