Intense Drama Unfolds as Pehli Si Muhabbat Reaches its Climax!

ARY Digital’s Pehli Si Muhabbat has made quite the buzz around town since its release, with a renown cast,...
Published 31 Aug, 2021 12:09pm

ARY Digital’s Pehli Si Muhabbat has made quite the buzz around town since its release, with a renown cast, melodious OST, soulful writing and brilliantly executed screenplay, this drama is definitely worth all the hype! The leading pair is seen together after a long hiatus, Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar have stolen our hearts as Rakhshi and Aslam. This fresh take on a beautiful love story has all the right elements that make it a classic romance and it must be on your must-watch list!

The Plot - Aslam faces yet another hurdle on his way to Rakhshi!

Aslam spends his time thinking about the things his friend Nadeem had said to him, he brushes it off by being determined to blame Rakhshi for his sister Zainab’s death. His cousin Bushra who is so visibly in love with Aslam shows us what true love really is, she tells him how it is not always about getting the person you love but being happy for them even when they don’t love you back. Hina Afridi’s Bushra steals the spotlight with the way she presents the facts to Aslam and takes Rakhshi’s side even though she could have easily manipulated Aslam towards her since he was already hell-bent on trying to hate her for choosing her father over him. Bushra finally gets through to Aslam and makes him realise the huge mistake he is about to make. Her words hit Aslam hard and he begins to ponder over them during the day, finally he decides to go back for Rakhshi and calls her step-mother Nargis and tells her that he is coming to her. On his way back, Aslam receives a call that his uncle has met with an accident, faced with a choice he must make in the moment, he choses to go back to his uncle and support his family instead of fulfilling the promise he just made to Rakhshi.

Nargis and Munaza rejoice and tell Rakhshi to stop crying and finally be happy, however she is still thinking about her father. Faizullah surprises us by saying that he will not stop Rakhshi for chosing Aslam but if he doesn’t reach on time Rakhshi will have to get married to her neighbour Asif.

Where is the drama heading to?

The story certainly did start off by sweeping us off our feet and made us swoon with a story that took us back to the old-school era of classical romance. However, the drama seems to have been spiralling out quite a bit since the last few episodes, Rakhshi cannot stop crying as she has totally given up, Aslam cried ‘betrayal’ for atleast 3 episodes and is now doing the exact same by promising to save the day by intervening before Rakhshi is married off again!

The only saving grace are definitely the supporting roles in the drama, from Rabia Butts’ fiery role as ‘Nargis’ a young woman who had to play the daunting role of a step-mother, the very straight-forward Bushra played by Hina Afridi and the ever-charming HSY who has made his debut with his role as Akram the strict elder brother. These supporting characters have brought life to the story with hard-hitting dialogues and remarkable performances.

Is a Happy Ending on the Cards for Rakhshi and Aslam?

While we had lost all hopes of a happy ending for the Romeo and Juliet, the previous episode did give us a silver lining. We clapped and rejoiced as Aslam finally made the decision of trying to convince Faizullah to let him marry his daughter but the sudden twist brought to us by the writers have us disappointed to say the least! The intense story with twists, a lot of emotional drama and shocking turns have left us confused! A sneak peek into the next episode shows Faizullah telling Ishrat that Rakshi’s ‘Nikkah’ is complete and she should leave at once. Is this how the story of true first love is going to end? If so, oh what a sad disappointing end it will be for the fans!