Yunhi Drama Review: Trouble in Paradise for Kim and Dawood?

Dawood wins hearts in the latest episode of Yunhi, taking a stand for Suraiya
Published 03 Jul, 2023 07:00pm

Yunhi, the popular Pakistani drama series airing on HUM Tv has taken the television landscape by storm, captivating fans with its timeless tale of love, cultural dynamics, and a mesmerizing romance. With the remarkable performances of Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf as the lead duo Kim and Dawood, the show has garnered immense adoration and has become a sensation among viewers nationwide.

This week’s episode saw the Kim-Dawood duo helping Suraiya understand why Ovais was not the right choice for her while at the same time tried to make everyone in the family especially their Dadajaan. Let’s discuss what Yunhi’s latest episode was all about:

Dawood Takes a Stand for Suraiya

After Kim and Dawood visited Ovais and his family, they realised Suraiya had made a grave mistake and the boy she was madly in love with was not worth it. Dawood however, finally understood what Kim was saying all along about consent. He now realised how important it was to let his younger sister decide who she wants to marry as it is her life that is in question. We are loving the change that Dawood and Kim are bringing to each other, be it a change in their overall mindsets or the way Kim behaves with Dawood and his family or Dawood becoming a little more accepting towards Kim’s ways and bringing her closer to her faith.

The scene where Dawood persuades his grandfather to think about Suraiya instead of the family's respect and what people will say about them has us impressed! Finally Dawood takes a stand for his sister and talks to his dadajaan, hoping that sense will prevail. However he does not budge and asks Dawood to end the topic.

Kim being the good daughter in law has been trying to persuade her mother-in-law, father-in-law and dadajaan that Suraiya needs to be allowed to choose her marriage partner instead of being forced to marry her cousin Hamid. Although everyone shunned her for her radical thinking, Dawood’s father was beginning to pay heed to what she had been saying.

Hamid’s Father Makes a Strange Request

When the guests arrive at Dawood’s place for Suraiya and Hamid’s Nikkah the elders decided to discuss a few formalities to be sorted out before the Molvi saab’s arrival. Mudassir, Hamid’s father made a strange request of getting Hamid settled in America by Suraiya’s family, and also mentioned that if they cannot do that, the nikkah would not be possible. This left everyone in shock as no-one from the household had expected an ask this big. Living in today’s world, it does surprise us when such things are shown in dramas, as Pakistanis how is immigrating to America an easy feat and why would Mudassir want Kim’s father to help settle Hamid in America when Dawood has never thought about moving there? We did heave a sigh of relief though as this would mean the Nikkah would not happen at any cost. Definitely a win-win situation for Suraiya.

Have Kim and Dawood Hit a Rough Patch?

Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali play the leading pair in Yunhi as Dawood and Kim, while their marriage may have begun on a rocky start, we had seen a spark between the two in the last few episodes. However, yesterday’s episode is hinting towards a misunderstanding brewing between the two. Instead of letting Dawood know what was bothering her, Kim chose to keep it to herself and this is surely going to make things worse for the newly weds.

Do you think Suraiya and Hamid's Nikkah will take place? Let us know in the comments below.