Yunhi Drama Review: Will Kim Help Suraiya Marry The Love of Her Life?

Amidst chaos, Kim is determined to help Suraiya marry the boy she loves against all odds
Published 31 May, 2023 04:30pm

Yunhi fans are captivated by the timeless tale of a desi boy meeting a foreign return girl, and are filled with love and admiration for the incredibly popular new couple ruling the TRP’s on Pakistani television. Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf, portraying the lead duo in Yunhi, have mesmerized audiences with their unconventional romance and has the viewers at the edge of their seats!

Kaneez Fatima aka Kim may have started out in Yunhi as the ignorant American born confused desi, but over time she is definitely making her place in the hearts of Dawood’s family and us [the viewers]!. The episode aired on Sunday shed some light on some important issues that are rampant in our Pakistani society even in the year 2023 with some impactful scenes that left a mark on audiences.

Suraiya’s forced Marriage!

Kim once again spoke up on Suraiya’s forced marriage and was shut down by Dawood and his mother Razia for asking them to take Suraiya’s consent before fixing her wedding with her cousin. It seems like forced marriages have been a part of Dawood’s family since eons as Iqbal and her sister were both forced into their own set of engagements and marriages, now that we know Iqbal and Zulfi were madly in love with each other, the incomplete love story has given us yet another perspective to what happens when elders do not take into account the wishes of the younger generation.

Kim’s Covert Meeting With Zulfi

Kim secretly goes off to meet Zulfi at his home, it is in that scene that we find out the simpleton life that Zulfi leads surrounded by books. Kim seems to be readily adapting to her life in Pakistan as she admits to learning hwo to read urdu. Kim shares a beautiful friendship with Zulfi and wonders why Dawood’s family is not fond of Zulfi, is it only because he is an artist and poet or is there a deeper issue rooted in there? What do you think?

The two buddies then head off to have lunch at a nearby local restaurant, whilst sitting there, Kim discovers a burqa clad Suraiya meeting her beau in secrecy. She and Zulfi sit down with the two lovebirds and talk to them on their ongoing dilemma. Zulfi then asks Kim to stay out of this as it would cause problems for her with her inlaws, however Kim is adamant on helping out Suraiya, come what may. Just then Dawood turns up at the restaurant, furious and asks Kim to come home with him.

A Car Ride with a Thought Provoking Conversation

Kim and Dawood share a conversation on the way home, after Dawood forces Kim to return home with him, a furious Kim tries to understand why Dawood choses to act like the rest of the Pakistani men she has encountered. Dawood assures her he only cares for her safety in a city like Karachi. Kim talks about how they are all forcing her to change but this is not the way she will change out of fear and force. She asks him why she’s constantly being judged due to her choice of clothes and this certainly hits home for all the women watching the show, no matter what you wear, you will be judged by the Pakistani society for not upholding the modesty standards. Kim may not understand how to behave in a joint family but she certainly does make a few good arguments.

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What’s Next?

The next episode shows a distraught Suraiya telling Kim she will never forgive her, did Kim just make things worse for her or is she trying to help Suraiya out of her dilemma?

Tune into Yunhi’s next episode to see how the story progresses.