Yunhi Drama Review: Kim takes a Stand for Suriya Causing Chaos in the Family!

Trouble in paradise for Kim and Dawood as Kim boldly takes a stand against Suriya's forceful marriage
Published 25 May, 2023 08:53am

The classic desi boy meets foreign return girl romance has Yunhi fans swooning with love and admiration for the super-hit new ‘hit-jori’ on Pakistani televisions. Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf playing the leading couple of Yunhi have the audiences hooked with their not-so typical romance.

The audiences have been hooked to see what’s going to happen next for this contemporary couple who are polar opposites but have been joined in a relationship by their elders. Kaneez Fatima aka Kim (Maya Ali) is has just returned from America and is having the most difficult time adjusting to the Pakistani life. From her dressing to the way she talks her actions have been causing quite the stir in her new family. The dapper Bilal Ashraf plays the angelic Dawood, playing the perfect husband Dawood is trying to maintain wedded bliss with his new wife. While he may not have wanted to marry her in the first place, he’s definitely trying his level best to accommodate her in every way possible and making the first move to form a friendship with Kim.

The latest episode saw the fiery Kim taking a stand for her sister in law when she gets to know her wedding has been fixed without her consent. Sitting down at dinner with the rest of the elders, Kim confidently questions the Dada jee on his decision of marrying Suriya to her cousin without her consent. She is told to keep quiet by Dawood but Kim is not one to listen. If we may say so ourselves, it is the year 2023, good on Kim to be voicing out her opinions even when she is not welcomed to do so. If Kim can help change the conservative thinking of the family, we applaud her for her efforts. Not only is she shedding light on various issues but is also slowly causing Dawood to question his family and their beliefs.

Upon returning home Kim finally tells Dawood why she is adamant on asking for Suriya’s consent for the marriage, she then discloses what she knows about her and asks Dawood not to let the same thing happen to his sister now that he knows she is madly in love with someone else. Dawood rubbishes off Kim’s talks and asks her not to repeat this again.

Suriya refuses to marry her cousin Bilal!

The drama Yunhi may be set in the year 2023 but Dada jee’s household is surely living in the 1950’s where they do not appreciate the women of their homes to speak out or hold an opinion. Suriya in informed by her aunt Iqbal that her marriage has been set with her cousin Bilal, this leaves Suriya shocked and she refuses to marry him at any cost. Now in a house such as theirs, their daughter refusing to marry where they want her to is a complete disregard of their customs. Her aunt and mother are shocked and Dawood is called in and told his wife has brainwashed Suriya and this is why she has the courage to speak out. Little does she know her daughter has been in love with a boy for the longest time, while Kim is simply asking them to consider Suriya’s wishes before marrying her off forcefully!

Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf Sizzle on Screen!

As the drama unfolds, we're loving Maya Ali and Dawoods sizzling chemistry on screen. The two are brilliant performers and are carrying the weight of the drama on their shoulders. Maya Ali shines as Kim, she may be fiery, bold and a tad bit arrogant but we are enjoying her character to the fullest. Bilal Ashraf serves his dapper looks with a beautiful personality on screen, fans are swooning over his gentle character as Dawood which Ashraf has essayed brilliantly!

What’s Next?

The next episode is the one to look out for, will Kim help Suriya fight this battle and how so? Will Kim’s support to Suriya create chaos in the family and cause a rift between Kim and Dawood? Watch the next episode of Yunhi to find out how this vintage romance unfolds.