Yunhi Review: Suraiya’s Daring Escape in the Dead of the Night is a Major Twist in the Story!

Yunhi, the popular Pakistani drama series airing on HUM Tv has taken the television landscape by storm, captivating...
Published 15 Jun, 2023 02:08pm

Yunhi, the popular Pakistani drama series airing on HUM Tv has taken the television landscape by storm, captivating fans with its timeless tale of love, cultural dynamics, and a mesmerizing romance. With the remarkable performances of Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf as the lead duo Kim and Dawood, the show has garnered immense adoration and has become a sensation among viewers nationwide.

This week’s episode saw a lot of drama happening in Dawood and Kim’s household regarding Suraiya and her lover Ovais. Let’s discuss what Yunhi’s latest episode was all about:

Suraiya Refuses to Marry Her Cousin Hamid and Elopes!

Kim had previously put Suraiya in a tight spot with her grandfather and things went south after that. Kim did not expect that the entire family would react in a rash manner and thought they would consider Suraiya’s wishes first as she is the daughter of the house but it seems like Dada Jaan is still living in the 1950’s where the girls were married off without having any say in their lifes choices.

Suraiya on the other hand may not have said anything out of respect for her grandfather but she did share her outrage with her mother and aunt Iqbal. This reminded Iqbal of her own past and it seemed like history was repeating itself.

It is just a day before the Nikkah and Suraiya has no way out but to run away with the boy she loves. She is seen running away from home in the middle of the night clad in a burqa. Will this cause a much bigger uproar in the family or will Kim who is awake stop her from making the mistake of a lifetime?

Kim Highlights Daniyal’s Hypocrisy

While Kim may be known as someone who does not know how to behave infront of elders in the family, we believe she is on the right path, yes she may still need to learn a thing or two but she certainly knows right from wrong. Not only does she school Daniyal when he takes Suraiya’s phone but also highlights how he is often seen talking to Husna on the phone but Suraiya talking to a boy is a major red flag for the family only because of her gender. The issue that Kim highlights is one of the major issues prevailing in the country where boys and girls are treated differently in the family, where a boy can have an affair, the girl from the same household is shut down or married off at once if any such event occurs. Hypocrisy at its best!

Viewers Can’t Get Enough of Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf in Yunhi

Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf, the brilliant actors portraying the lead couple, have breathed life into their characters and forged a captivating on-screen chemistry. Their portrayal of an unconventional romance has struck a chord with viewers, leaving them spellbound and eagerly anticipating each episode. The duo's nuanced performances and undeniable charisma have made them a fan-favorite couple, ruling the TRP charts and igniting conversations both on and off the screen. We hope to see more of their on-screen chemistry in the coming episodes as Kim’s heart melts towards Dawood with every passing episode!