Qissa Meherbano Ka Starts On A Strong Note

There’s a new wave of Pakistani dramas gearing to grasp avid TV viewers lately, and amongst them some are quite ...
Published 30 Aug, 2021 05:58pm

There’s a new wave of Pakistani dramas gearing to grasp avid TV viewers lately, and amongst them some are quite the sort that have been anticipated for a while now. One such drama has been the Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane, Mashal Khan and Zaviyar Noman starrer, Qissa Meherbano Ka, which has finally taken its place on air over the weekend.

Helmed by director Iqbal Hussain – of Zebaish fame (or shall we say infamy), the drama started off slow but steady in its first episode as we are introduced to two households – one where Meherbano (Mawra Hocane) finds herself in a continuous routine of despair, loneliness and duty amidst a situation of taking care of an aging father and an orphaned niece, and the second where we see their relatives who seemingly are distant or estranged from the former – except for Mehran (Zaviyar Noman) who is shown to be lovelorn towards the eponymous character.

Fate as the story moves, tells us another tale, though. Meherbano is revealed to be a girl whose marriage had been conducted years ago, only for her to be left behind and her purported husband going away to a place kept unknown to us for now. As things would go, Meherbano seems to have accepted this destiny as she continues living a life that is revealed to be rather empty.

In many ways, the narrative remained on the heavier side in the pilot episode as all the characters are sketched into being with a pinch of grey aura to them. There’s laughter, there’s pain, and there seem to be a lot of secrets ready to be revealed. Acting wise too, the same could be said as each actor seems to have essayed a number of emotions – with some waiting to come out.

However two actors who have shined bright from the get-go in the drama seem to be Mawra Hocane and Zaviyar Noman. While the former has improved by leaps and bounds ever since she aced Sabaat, the latter has debuted with a strong skillset in his lineage and genes. Proving that acting runs in his blood, Zaviyar has breathed life into his character Mehran, and we only have higher hopes going ahead with Qissa Meherbano Ka.

On the other side though, we also missed out on the other major names in the ensemble cast that are a part of the drama. We wish that we saw some sneak peeks of Ahsan Khan, Mashal Khan, and Khushal Khan this episode, but alas, that wasn’t possible. As they say, good things come to those who wait, we’re sure these actors have great things for us in store in the coming episode.

All in all, for a first episode there’s a lot that took place and we are sure more is just around the corner. We felt there’s a lot of hope and promise with Qissa Meherbano Ka and hopefully, this time it won’t be a disappointment from Iqbal Hussain like Zebaish! Till then, watch this space for more updates.

Check out the first episode of Qissa Meherbano Ka here: