Sukoon Impresses Viewers with Gripping Tale on Betrayal

ARY’s 'Sukoon' stands out as a masterfully written drama featuring some of the most beloved actors in Pakistan....
Published 03 Dec, 2023 01:31pm

ARY’s 'Sukoon' stands out as a masterfully written drama featuring some of the most beloved actors in Pakistan. Featuring the dashing Ahsan Khan and Sana Javed in leading roles, the storyline delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships.

Sukoon sheds light on the exploitation of Aina's (Sana Javed) innocence and the far-reaching consequences of mistakes made when one falls in love blindly ignoring the other person’s flaws, in Aina’s case she could not see beyond Raza's (Khaqan Shahnawaz) deceit and was easily fooled due to her innocence.

At the heart of the drama is Sana Javed's portrayal of Aina, a character defined by her shyness, simplicity, and family bonds. Aina's journey takes an unexpected turn when she leaves her family for Raza, only to face the harsh reality of his denial and disavowal of any commitment to her, including marriage. Aina’s life falls apart after finding out that she has been fooled by a boy who she had fallen in love with completely and had high hopes with. Not only Aina but in Sukoon, Aina’s sister Aima (Qudsia Ali) and her mother (Laila Wasti) both believed Raza and his love for Aina.

The plot unfolds to reveal the profound impact of Raza's actions on multiple lives, unraveling a tale of heartbreak and betrayal. Aina's father, in an attempt to rectify the situation, coerces her into marrying Hamdaan (Ahsan Khan), who, unfortunately, is an unwitting pawn in the unfolding drama. Hamdaan, having no prior connection to Aina, finds himself entangled in the aftermath of Raza's reckless choices.

As the narrative progresses, Aina grapples with the repercussions of her decisions, abandoned by her own family and thrust into an unfamiliar situation with Hamdaan. The drama expertly navigates the complexities of relationships, highlighting the injustices faced by Aina and the unexpected consequences for Hamdaan, who becomes a victim of circumstances beyond his control. Will Hamdaan become the knight in shining armour that Aina deserves?

'Sukoon' not only unfolds a riveting tale of deceit and heartbreak but also explores the intriguing concept of fate and how the lives of two individuals brilliantly essayed by Ahsan Khan and Sana Javed who never anticipated their paths crossing in such tumultuous circumstances.