Fraud Second Last Episode: Are the Tables Turning on Shajji?

ARY Digital’s blockbuster drama serial has been on a roll since its very first episode aired on our television...
Published 31 Dec, 2022 08:40pm

ARY Digital’s blockbuster drama serial has been on a roll since its very first episode aired on our television screens. Racing to its climax, the Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan starrer has us glued to our screens anxiously waiting to see what happens to Shajji (Ahsan Khan) after all the frauds he has committed. The thriller is an iDream production and is brilliantly directed by Saqib Khan while it has been penned down by the uber-talented playwright and screenwriter, Zanzabeel Asim. Starring Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and Mikael Zulfiqar in leading roles while Asma Abbas, Mahmood Aslam, Rabia Kulsoom, Adnan Samad Khan and Nida Mumtaz play prominent roles.

Let’s Discuss what the second last episode of Fraud was all about:

Maya and Shan’s Reunion is giving us all the good feels!

Shan (Mikael Zulfiqar) has been feeling guilty after kicking out Maya (Saba Qamar) from his home, even more so when he realises she had not been in the wrong after all. Shams explosive encounter with his stepmother in the previous episode has finally opened his eyes and made him realise he had been trusting the wrong woman all this time. It was sad to see his entire life come crashing down. The woman who he believed was his mother had conned him and taken away all his property from him, he no longer had any role left in the business and was kicked out of all the bank accounts too. He soon left his home with his daughter and turned up at Maya’s house asking for her forgiveness and a place to spend a few days until he manages to get back on his feet.

Maya and her parents were patient enough with Shan and welcomed him into their home, he then told Maya all about his step-mother and Shajji working together to commit the biggest con of the century. Not only did his step-mother take over Shan’s business but also emptied all his bank accounts leaving him penniless. The husband wife duo talk about starting from scratch and Maya explains how she would like to help all the women out there who have suffered losses similar to hers and wishes she could empower them to have them earn for themselves and become independent.

Shajji Gets Himself into Trouble!

An ailing father and an increase in debt causes the sly Shajji to do what he does best, steal! When he receives the news that his father needs an operation as soon as possible, he comes to his mother in law but she brushes him off and remains too busy to answer him. He seems to be out of options and forges her signature on a cheque and gets his father treated, however, he is too late and his father passes away. He apologises and begs for forgiveness while plotting for something much bigger.

What has the last episode in store for us? Will Shajji finally get what he deserves or will he escape once again. Watch the last episode of Fraud to find out!