Fraud Finale: Justice is Finally Served!

The finale that we were all anxiously waiting for!
Published 05 Jan, 2023 11:28am

ARY Digital’s Fraud has wowed the audiences since its premiere episode. Be it the leading cast or the riveting storyline, the drama has the town talking with excitement after each episode is aired. Starring Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar and Mikael Zulfiqar in leading roles have made the drama worth the watch!

Let's discuss what went on in the fraud finale!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Shujaat aka Shajji was determined to make as much money as possible, he realised his plan of marrying a rich girl and settling down is not going to work so he decided to revert back to his old ways. He soon got a hold of his mother in law's money as revenge for all the humiliation she has caused. He hired a hacker who hacked into her accounts and bled her accounts dry. Definitely serves her right for the years of plotting she has been involved in against Shan. Upon hearing the news she panics and has a heart attack, realising all the sins she has committed against Shan, Maya and her grandchild she believes this is the lesson the Almighty meant to teach her.

All is Well that Ends Well

Tooba and her mother apologise to Shaan and Maya and the family lets bygones be bygones, they end up becoming a big happy family and give us the sweet end that we had been waiting for. On the other hand, Nayel and Mayla have been blessed with good news and Nisaar Saab and his wife decide to move back with them in order to support Mayla in her time of need.

Shajji finally gets what he deserves!

Shajji plans to marry a wealthy girl called Tina and has been in cahoots with his friend over this fraud. Little does the 'fraudiya' know he is being played and this fake marriage is going to entrap him for good. Maya has planned this with the police and Maya has Tooba and the other women who were cheated by Shajji on her side. Shajji walks right into the trap and is caught red-handed by the police who have been pretending to be the rich family who wish to get their daughter married off.

Shajji's face while being caught was worth the wait, after all the hearts he broke and the anguish he caused, the viewers enjoyed this end to him instead of the usual accident or bad boy going mentally insane twist in the story.

An Applause Worthy Cast!

Asma Abbas is one of the finest veteran actresses we have in the Pakistani showbiz industry, she aced her role of the cunning stepmother perfectly while being two faced the entire time. Mahmood Aslam who played Maya's father (Saba Qamar) delivered a notable performance, the character growth we witnessed in Nisaar Saab was a treat to see. From being a father who only looked for a rich husband for his daughters, he turned into a supportive father who helped his daughter fight for justice against the fraud who ruined their lives.

The Trio that made Fraud Worth Watching

Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar and Mikael Zulfikar essayed the leading roles of Shujaat, Maya and Shaan. Khan took on the antagonist role and made lives miserable after committing the biggest con against them, his performance was remarkable and we cannot imagine anyone else playing Shajji as efficiently as he did.

Maya played by Saba Qamar was the strong, resilient and classy woman that is a true role model women in today's world should aspire to be, from her dialogue delivery to expressions and body language, Saba Qamar had us floored with her amazing performance.

Mikael Zulfiqar played the dapper Shan, we may not have liked his character much in the beginning as he seemed to be the haughty rich guy who had no regard for others except his mother, however, we were pleasantly surprised by how we absolutely fell in love with Shan over time. Mikael is definitely the one we were rooting for and we loved the chemistry he shared with Saba Qamar, the duo left us blushing in a few scenes!