Berukhi: Tensions Take Over!

With iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi making the buzz all over, the drama is keeping everyone...
Published 30 Oct, 2021 12:46pm

With iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi making the buzz all over, the drama is keeping everyone supremely entertained as it moves forward! While over the last weeks we saw an interest brewing between Irtiza and Sabeen, we see it growing into possibly something more with this week’s episode!

In this episode, we see that Irtiza still thinks that Aiya Jaan has chosen Sabeen for him – which is a grave mistake! We see real colours coming out from Aiya Jaan as well! Along with that, we see that Irtiza is at a point where he seems to be happy with all that’s going around – not knowing that it is actually opposite to what he thinks!

On the other hand, Nabeel has bought a motorcycle with his own pocket money savings and he wants to celebrate his happiness with his sister and fiance. We see him taking Sana and of course, Maira made it all about her once again!

We also saw Mansoor calling Nabeel to his study and to talk something in private with him. During all of this, we see Nazia and Maira take advantage of Mansoor’s absence and insult Sabeen’s mother. Sana and Maira argue with each other on which Maira slaps hard on her face. Nazia starts blaming Sabeen’s mother for all of this but Mansoor comes back catches them right in the act!

The drama also show us the narrative moving forward with Irtiza wanting to tell Sabeen about his real identity. He thinks he wants Sabeen to know as he is about be to his wife. However, little does he know it is in fact, Maira, he’s being set up with by Aiya Jaan. He goes to the orphanage to clear it all about but finds that Sabeen actually won’t be coming in and she is stuck at her home with her mother. This does bring a sort of crack between the two. But, let’s see how it clears out. Meanwhile, we do see Aiya Jaan wondering who Sabeen is!

How will it go ahead now and what’s next for Irtiza and Sabeen? We’ll have to wait and watch!

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