Berukhi – A Silver Lining For Irtiza?

iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi has been making the high TRPs each week, and the drama’s...
Published 17 Dec, 2021 02:15pm

iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital’s Berukhi has been making the high TRPs each week, and the drama’s entertainment and emotional quotient can easily be attributed to its success. Each week, the drama has made people fall in love with Sabeen and Irtiza and how the story is turning out to be, and this week just added to it.

While last week the story left us hanging at a cliffhanger of sorts in the hospital where Kamran walks in to Irtiza consoling Sabeen, now we get to see the drama unfold in a mass propotion!

What exactly happened? Let’s explore…

What we knew last was that Sabeen had been called to the hospital from the middle of her Mayoon event to calm down an ailing orphan from the orphanage as Irtiza had also walked in for the same. We saw the two uniting. At the same time Kamran walked in and created massive havoc as one would have expected. Now, this episode, we see him going further on his tirade has he not only berates Sabeen but also blames her for having an affair.

This goes on to him even slapping Sabeen, which evokes massive aggression from her uncle, Mansoor Ahmed. Not only does he shut Kamran up by cancelling their Nikkah, but also slaps him back when Kamran tries to defend his actions. He goes on to even claim that he has now seen the real face of the evil person that Kamran is.

This action seems like the silver lining for Sabeen who unbeknownst to her fiancé’s evilness has been saved from it. But, as expected out of Kamran, he of course, goes back to the event and create tons of ruckus while he blames and defames Sabeen and her family – even going on to tell the world that Sabeen isn’t a faithful woman. This does not sit well with Sabeen’s mother ¬– for all the right reasons.

In the next scene, we see Sabeen’s mother taking this insult in the worst way as her condition once again deteriorates to the point of her getting hospitalized. Irtiza seeing this comes to the rescue, proving just what a gentleman, he is.

On the other hand, Maira and Nazia become extremely worried when they find out that Kamran just didn’t humiliate Sabeen but also extended his wrath onto Irtiza. They both know just how this could weaken their image in front of Aiya Jaan and implore Kamran to apologise before this leads to trouble for Maira and her engagement to Irtiza.

Understanding the scene, Kamran goes to Irtiza’s office to seek his apology. While Irtiza seemingly accepts his apology, he does ask Qasim to investigate just who Kamran is and what wrongs he has done in the past. Kamran, additionally goes to Mansoor Ahmed’s house to apologise as well, but that only leads to the latter slapping him once again. We can already sense Kamran scheming a plot to avenge this insult!

While all this drama took place in just one episode, this does open up a way for Irtiza to perhaps make his way back into Sabeen’s life. Now that her engagement has been broken off, this could mean that Sabeen may accept Irtiza’s advances. Will we see something positive happen and will it be the silver lining we’ve all been waiting for?

Time will tell!