Berukhi – Danger Looms For Sabeen!

iDream Entertainment’s Berukhi has proven to be a real entertainer with its serpentine turns and rollercoaster of...
Published 08 Jan, 2022 05:04pm

iDream Entertainment’s Berukhi has proven to be a real entertainer with its serpentine turns and rollercoaster of emotions, and it seems there’s way more in the offing! While the last two episodes revolved around the possible love story between Sabeen and Irtiza, there’s definitely more that is going to happen – and quite soon!

This episode, we saw that Agha Jaan is bent on asking for Sabeen’s hand in marriage for Irtiza, but of course, there are many who won’t be happy with this – explicitly or implicitly. For one, we see Mahira talking to Mansoor about how she feels insulted to not be betrothed to Irtiza anymore – a thing which the former tries to calm her down over. She however, is fuming about the apparent embarrassment she has had to face due to Sabeen.

While all of this is happening, we did notice that Kamran seems to be obscure for most of the episode. There’s not much that we see of him, and we do know what that means – there’s definite trouble looming on the horizon.

On the other hand, Irtiza still is embarrassed due to his behavior with Agha Jaan and later with Qasim Agha as well. Irtiza feels that while he is more than happy to marry Sabeen, he is afraid that Sabeen might not say yes.

Agha Jaan, is unaware of this, and is still persistent that he would like to ask for Sabeen’s hand once again for Irtiza. Naturally, Iyya Jaan is not happy with all of this, as we do see her dark streak slowly coming out even when she is pretending that she is more than happy with this proposal.

Amidst all of this. Something that does come into the light is that Agha Jaan seems to be aware of Iyya Jaan’s nature and he knows that she is not happy in reality. The secret that Irtiza is in fact Agha Jaan’s son is also not out yet, which he knows will make Iyya Jaan hate on him even more.

The envious and hatred streak goes on further in this episode as we see Maira plotting revenge as well. She is hellbet on avenging the embarrassment that Sabeen has allegedly caused her and we see her ask Kamran to shoot Sabeen – which we do feel is something we are about to inadvertently see quite soon!

Is more trouble and distress the future Sabeen has written for her? We’ll find out real soon!