Parizaad Preview: What to Expect from the Final Episode

Hum TV’s drama Parizaad is based on the novel by Hashim Nadeem and has been brilliantly brought to life by ace...
Published 31 Jan, 2022 05:44pm

Hum TV’s drama Parizaad is based on the novel by Hashim Nadeem and has been brilliantly brought to life by ace director, Shehzad Kashmiri. Parizaad is one drama that has been the game changer for Pakistan’s television industry. Breaking through the clutter, away from the same old love triangles and ‘saas-bahu’ sagas and vastly different from the rest of the competition, Parizaad has captured the hearts of the audiences with ease. From a ‘hat-ke’ leading man - an unconventional hero that doesn’t look like the hero neither does he meet the acceptable ‘beauty’ standards set by the society is now ruling the viewer’s minds! His quest for success is what makes the drama worth your time. The poetic flair in Parizaad gives it a special touch and one cannot help but fall in love with it.

The climax is about to hit our TV screens this week, although the last episode has already aired in cinemas, the masses are yet to watch the much loved story come to a close. The question on all our minds has been the same from the beginning, will Ahmed Ali Akbar's 'Parizaad' find someone whom he can call his own or will he lose his true love, Annie to her cousin Sheheryar? The second last episode saw Parizaad leaving the life he was leading as PZ Mir, giving up all the wealth he had received from his employer, Behroz Karim (Naumaan Ijaz).

Let’ discuss where the story has reached...

Yumna Zaidi’s Annie left for her operation to the states and Parizaad left his life in the city, changed his appearance and set off to find a new life for himself in the wilderness. He then came across a passenger who was a teacher in one of the rural cities, as roads ahead were closed, the old man offered him a place to stay. Parizaad accepted and spent his days helping out the teacher. The old man soon fell sick and Parizaad took over his classes so as to ensure that the children do not miss out on preparing for their upcoming board examinations.

Parizaad was once again heavily invested in these children and their education. He was also worried for the old man and took him to the nearest city for a check-up, that was where he met Annie after what seemed like months. She however, did not recognize him as the Parizaad she loved and admired. An awe-struck Parizaad saw her leaving with Sheheryar and was reminded of Annie and the times they spent together, he wept besides a burning fire and thought about how different his life could have been had he confessed his love to her.

What’s Next?

Will Annie and Parizaad come face to face once more? Fans of the show are rooting for a happy ending for the bubbly Annie and Parizaad, will the makers give us the much needed happily ever after or will we be heart-broken after the finale? The finale airs on Tuesday at 8.00 pm only on HUM TV.