Momina’s Weekend Getaway We Wish We Were All On!

Momina Sibtain had planned a very busy and fun weekend, finally taking out some much-needed time for herself. Having...
Published 02 Apr, 2022 12:14am

Momina Sibtain had planned a very busy and fun weekend, finally taking out some much-needed time for herself. Having become a mega F1 fan in the past 3 years, she decided to go to one of the legendary races at the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022. The days were packed with Momina on the move, continuously taking part in the many different activities that only a true F1 fan would enjoy. Let’s take a look at all the fun she had from this once in a lifetime experience.

Taking a stroll through the pit lane, Momina got a chance to snap some pictures you don’t normally see making our vicarious living experience all the more special. While walking through, she walked past all the garages and even managed to get an up-close look at the control board. When she was outside the garages she got to see absolute legends in F1 such as Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. George even waved at her from the garage, and she got to take a picture with his car, an amazing experience and memory that would last a lifetime.

On the day of the race, Momina got to sit near the pole and as a first timer it was absolutely phenomenal since she could see all the racers zoom off at the start of the race. Before they started the race, she got to see the drivers parade as well as watch them take formation and get ready for the race. Momina was thoroughly impressed at how seamlessly everyone got into formation and how well organized the race was, she felt that F1 is a massive well-oiled machine where everything was falling into place perfectly and effortlessly. She even got a thumbs-up from renowned racer Charles Leclerc before the race started. The experience was amazing, and the energy was thunderous with the sounds of the engines roaring and even more so, the fans cheering for their teams to win. Momina herself joined in on the fun, hoping her favorite drivers would take home the win. The adrenaline rush was strong enough to last her days after the race took place, which just goes to show how enthralling the feel of being in that crowd was!

Momina managed to secure passes for all days of the event and took full advantage of it to enjoy the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 to the max. She spent her entire time in Bahrain at the F1 event for its captivating energy, and of course, like us, she could not get enough of it. This was a first-time experience for Momina Sibtain, and we can safely say we were hooked through every shared picture, video, and post! Apart from the track events, there was also a phenomenal F1 party that she attended where she got to pose and take a picture with a gorgeous white McLaren. All in all, Momina had the time of her life, as did we watching her navigate through the exciting experiences.