Fraud's Latest Power-Packed Episode Has Us Hooked!

ARY Digital's 'Fraud' is a thriller that has audiences ar the edge of their seats. Playing the antagonist in the...
Published 25 Jul, 2022 01:55pm

ARY Digital's 'Fraud' is a thriller that has audiences ar the edge of their seats. Playing the antagonist in the drama, Ahsan Khan' 'Tabraiz' has once again played the role of the baddie in this drama and is shown to be part of a gang that carries out the biggest cons ever, destroying the lives of many young girls.

Tabraiz (Ahsan Khan) is joined by Seifee Hassan and his madam played by Annie Zaidi who act as his parents. The diabolical trio have managed to fool parents of girls into marrying Tabraiz and transferring their wealth in his name after which the three vanish into thin air leaving the bride and her family to deal with all the consequences behind.

This week’s episode saw the drama take a new turn, Maya (Saba Qamar) who already went through two traumatising experiences was once again being hinted at the prospect of marriage again by her sister Maila (Rabya Kulsoom). She hinted that Talal the police inspector who had been kind enough to help them oit during their time of need seemed to be taking quite the interest in Maya. Maya's parents Nisar sahab and his wife also believed the same and were hoping for the best.

Talal Asks for Maila's Hand in Marriage Shocking Nisar Sahab!

In a turn of events, Talal and his mother came to ask for Maila's hand in marriage leaving Maya's parents shocked. Talal was questioned as to why he had been helping out Maya so much be it during the hospital stays or for advancing her career in fashion design. Little did everyone know that Talal was in love with Maila and was helping out Maya as he cared about her as a friend and well-wisher. Nisar Sahab did not agree to the idea of Talal marrying his daughter Maila and she was furious at Talal for believing she would marry him. Maya however was encouraging the idea of marriage to Maila and asked her to reconsider her decision because she believed Talal to be a great guy and he would definitely keep her happy unlike the men that had been a part of her own life.

Tabraiz and his family of cons move on their next prey!

After moving to the village and ensuring everyone around knows they are from a wealthy background, the family of cons have completed their preparations and have managed to secure a meeting with the landlords in the area who are desperately trying to marry off their divorced daughter. The three dressed up in traditional punjabi attire and took 'tokras' of fruits and sweets and head on to meet the family who have been preparing for their arrival since morning. It seems like Tabraiz is once again going to destroy another life, unless the makers of Fraud have a major plot-twist coming up! Let's wait and watch.

Notable Performances by Fresh Faces in Fraud!

While the drama's main cast Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan have delivered brilliant performances and are grabbing eyeballs with each episode, we're also loving the fresh new talent in Fraud, Rabya Kulsoom and Alee Hassan Shah as Maila and Talal respectively have performed well and are a treat to watch! We're loving Rabya's fiery Maila and the 'Boy next door' role that Alee Hassan has embodied. Kudos to the two to have made their mark amongst the big wigs in the industry.

Another artist that has wowed us with his phenomenal acting skills is Adnan Samad Khan, while we loved him in Ehd e Wafa and grew to hate his antagonist character in Ishq e Laa, his performance in Fraud has been a notch up with flawless acting, body language and brilliant expressions, we're definitely loathing his character 'Nael' in Fraud!

Let's take a look at the promo for the next episode: