Habs Episode 32: Soha is Sorry

Bano tries to make Soha understand how serious this issue is. In the end, she regrets her actions. Ayesha is ...
Published 23 Dec, 2022 06:55pm

Bano tries to make Soha understand how serious this issue is. In the end, she regrets her actions. Ayesha is resolute about breaking up with Basit despite his genuine and emotional apology.

Habs an Ary Digital drama, airing every Tuesday is directed by Mussadiq Malek and is written by Aliya Makhdoom The second-to-last episode, which was broadcasted this week, signals that it is now coming to a close. A simple but relatable plot and a new on-screen pair in Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah helped the drama gain a lot of love and admiration. The plot focused on the twisted lives of two people, Ayesha (Ushna Shah) and Basit (Feroze Khan). Basit wed Ayesha since his father's will mandated that he must be married in order to inherit his riches and business. Ayesha, on the other hand, was coerced into this marriage by her mother in exchange for a significant sum of money that she had recently learned about. Thanks to Soha (Ayesha Khan), who was once engaged to Basit, Ayesha learned about the deal Basit made with her mother and is now heartbroken beyond belief. She learns about this as soon as they discover they are expecting their first baby.

Everyone appears to be incredibly happy for Bano as they moved into their new home. Qudsia appreciates everything Bano has done for her and the family, and for the first time, she was seen appreciating and embracing Bano for her efforts.

Ayesha admits to Bano (Dania Enwer) that Soha was the one who told her about the agreement and that she was the one who arranged a place for Ayesha to stay. Knowing that Ayesha is putting her trust in Soha—a person she had never really liked—surprised Bano greatly. Ayesha chastised her for previously making inaccurate judgments about Soha, who had shown to be of immense help.

Bano pays Soha a visit and at first pretends to not be aware of Ayesha's whereabouts. Later, when Bano said that she had gone to see Ayesha at the hostel, Soha was a little nervous. She insisted nonetheless that Ayesha had wronged Basit and certainly doesn't deserve such a devoted spouse. Bano asks her as to why she doesn't seem to get how devastated Basit is without Ayesha and how much they are meant to be together.

As a result, Soha was likely restored to sanity and made the realization that she was attempting to play the third wheel between Ayesha and Basit, who genuinely love one another. She invited both of them on what seemed like a blind reconciliation date while not telling them both. Soha first confesses to Basit how she longed for and missed him while she was away. She was about to leave their lives and get over her attraction for him when she returned and discovered that Basit had already been married.

She intentionally misunderstood Basit and Ayesha, thinking she could still have a chance when she realized that they weren't really happy in their marriage. She admitted informing Ayesha about the monetary agreement between Basit and Ayesha’s mother. This deeply disturbed Basit, he asked Soha as to why she had revealed it to Ayesha when he would have kept it a secret. When Ayesha enters the picture, she questions how he was going to build a relationship by keeping her in dark, given how important she is to him. Ayesha called Soha out on how she was playing so brilliantly on both fields. Basit begs Ayesha's forgiveness, expresses regret for all of his errors, and asks her to return home. Ayesha initially appeared to be vulnerable to Basit's pleas but she rejects her love for him and seeks for a divorce instead.

Basit gives up and decides to honor her request after seeing that she has no intention of changing her mind. Qudsia visits Ayesha and asks her to forgive her and take her back home. Ayesha objects at first but eventually agrees. Bano tells Basit that Ayesha has returned home with them and he seems a little relieved.

Ayesha agrees when Basit requests that they meet so they can continue with legal matters relating to Khula. Ayesha rejects the lawyer's disclosure that she will receive the legal right to Basit's wealth and property. The attorney explains that their clients are given enough time to evaluate the situation and think about reconciliation.

Thankfully, the episode ended Basit's tiresome and prolonged hunt for Ayesha. Though they were both equally to blame for scratching her ego, we were disappointed with Ayesha for failing to pay heed to Basit's apology and forgiving her mother so quickly. Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan both had tremendous talent and potrayed their characters with such elegance and appearing composure despite the fact that Ayesha and Basit were both hurting.

We found it admirable that Soha was revealed to be more nuanced than simply evil; it was refreshing to see a villain who was neither entirely good nor entirely evil. We want the story to end happily, but we also want to see Ayesha grow as a person and not just follow the dictates of her destroyed self-respect in the last episode.

What do you believe will happen in the last episode? Will Ayesha return to Basit for the benefit of their child or will she make a decision on her own?