Kuch Ankhahi is The Feel-Good Entertainment We All Needed

Kuch Ankhai is the ideal Saturday night entertainment we have all been looking for, with a dash of humour, romance,...
Published 19 Jan, 2023 04:08pm

Kuch Ankhai is the ideal Saturday night entertainment we have all been looking for, with a dash of humour, romance, and some very discussion-worthy themes being explored.

On Saturday, the first episode of the eagerly anticipated drama starring Sajjal Aly and Bilal Abbas (one of the most adored on-screen couples) was broadcast, and dare we say it was a breath of fresh air. Syed Mohammad Ahmed, who also plays the part of Agha Jan in the drama, wrote the script for Kuch Ankahi. It is directed by Nadeem Baig, who also directed the super hit drama Sinf-e-Ahan. The drama is produced as collaboration between Six Sigma and Kash Foundation Productions. The drama's teasers were intriguing and thrilling enough to suggest that this won't be our usual Saas-Bahu tale.

The drama's outstanding cast features Sajal Aly as Aliya, Bilal Abbas Khan as Salman, Mira Sethi as Samiya, Qudsia Ali as Tania, Irsa Ghazal as Shammo, Muhammad Ahmed as Agha Jaan, Vaneeza Ahmed as Sophia Agha, Shehryar Munnawar as Azfar, and many other amazing actors.

The Story:

Agha Jaan (Muhammad Ahmed) and his three daughters Samiya (Mira Sethi), Aliya (Sajal Aly), and Tania are at the core of the story. While Agha Jan's family dynamics and home are depicted as normal middle class families in a desi society, a new viewpoint is provided by the fact that Aliya, the second daughter, is essentially in charge of the household's finances thanks to her real estate profession.

The primary character, Aliya, works as a real estate agent, a profession that few women in our country choose. The oldest daughter, Samiya, is betrothed to Saifurrehman (Ali Safina), but his mother, Asma Abbas, keeps finding reasons not to marry them. Agha Jan's youngest and most adored daughter is Tania (Qudsia Ali). She is feisty, opinionated, and follows her own set of rules. Salman, performed by the incredible Bilal Abbas Khan, is a competitor in Aliya's line of work. Salman and Aliya don't seem to get along very well at all.

Its powerful plot, strong dialogues, talented cast, and an outstanding director all combined to make the drama a must-watch. The drama very naturally weaves tales together and incorporates many stereotypical issues while defying them. This entertaining but profound story centers on issues like women choosing unconventional careers, inheritance, and other such empowering topics.

The Long Awaited First Episode: The eagerly anticipated first episode of the drama debuted on January 7, 2023, and new episodes will air every Saturday at 8:00 pm. As the key characters were being presented, the first episode really set the tone and tempo for the overall plot. Drama lovers anticipate the story's development with great eagerness.

Drama lovers anticipate the story's development with great eagerness. In the first episode, Aliya is portrayed as a strong, independent, and incredibly intelligent girl who not only knows how to succeed in her work but also has the ability to silence anyone—despite her mother's glares. Samiya is shown as a girl who is submissive and remains silent even when she is dissatisfied with anything. However, we suppose Samiya is more of a girl who will only speak up for herself when it is truly necessary and who also cannot bear to let her loved ones down. Taniya, in contrast, is a girl who is both the ambitious and upbeat.

We met Salman, played by Bilal Abbas Khan, who strikes us as a go-getter who senses Aliya's competitiveness but keeps his manners in check and would even end up lending his competitor a helping hand.

The episode mainly set up the plot's pace by giving us a glance into the home dynamics of Agha Jan, who has a close relationship with his daughters but leaves the major decision-making to his wife. Irsa Ghazal, who plays Shammo, is your typical anxious mother who is primarily concerned about her daughters' marriages. She never stops worrying about her oldest daughter, who has been engaged for the past three years. She never misses a chance to taunt her daughters for common things like greying hair, gaining weight, delaying marriage, and so on.

“Aik k ghar pe bethay bethay safaid hogaye saray baal or doosri Gaama Pehlwaan bani ja rahi hai.” Salman is a guy who, despite his strained relationship with Aliya, upholds his values by refusing to go see girls for rishtas.

In this episode He and Aliya are seen bickering, because they both want to sell a house. Salman is elated that the client has chosen him and not Aliya to be her property broker, but his friend (Mussadiq Malik) helps him see that he is really simply feeling pressured and insecure by Aliya's skill and expertise. He is threatened by Aliya while attempting to convince his friend that she is unworthy of sympathy: "Ainda agar reham khana ho tou khud pe khana kyon k main tumhain us haal tak pohncha dogi.” When Samiya's in-laws arrive, her mother-in-law informs them that Samiya's fiancé, Saif (Ali Safina), would be leaving for Muscat, and Shammo suggests that he leave after the Nikah, shocking the rest of the family.

The stories of Aliya, Salman, and their families are introduced, but there is also a story of Sehrish, whose property Aliya and Salman desire to deal with. She does, however, appear to have a complex backstory that adds to the plot. In this episode, Shehryar Munnawar appeared as Azfar, whose true relationship to Sehrish hasn't been fully revealed.

What we think? Salman and Aliya, had already been teased through promos, we truly enjoyed the first episode. We learned more about some of the main characters and their various characteristics from this episode. Everyone gave incredible performances and appeared radically different in each of their assigned roles. As Aliya and Salman, Bilal Abbas Khan and Sajal Aly were truly remarkable. We adored Aliya and Salman's witty banter. Their adorable chemistry considerably ups the drama's charm. As was hinted at in this episode, Vaneeza Ahmed will likely make an appearance in upcoming episodes as the girls' favourite phuppo.

The dialogues are all written in such beautiful Urdu, which is a testament to the careful consideration given to this important aspect of any screenplay. We are intrigued by the plot and excited to learn what will happen next.

Do you believe Aliya and Salman will find love in the story while continuing their cute rivalry? Post your response in the comments section.