Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode 24: Maheer’s heart goes ‘Qubool hai’ for Saad

Maheer finally shares her feelings about Saad!
Published 12 Jun, 2023 11:27am

Areeb makes every effort to separate Saad and Maheer and make their life miserable. However, Maheer has at last come to terms with the fact that Saad was the man that God chose for her.

Areeb believes that Saad has trapped Maheer and forces him to end their pretended marriage. Saad replied that he wouldn't think twice about leaving Maheer if she asked him to. Areeb believes that this will be the fastest way to end Maheer's fictitious marriage and be with him once and for all. Areeb is driven by his own wants. He went to Maheer's house and, being as foolish as ever, threatened her on gun-point to go with him.

Maheer is seen leaving with Areeb in his car by nearby aunties, who most likely have telescopes set up at their house and have nothing productive to do all day. They knock on their door and tell them to leave the vicinity because "it is shareefon ka muhalla" and these conducts won't be tolerated. Everyone is awaiting her at home and Maheer is being blamed by Azhar, Saad's mother, and Neelo for never leaving a chance to bring them down. Maheer is taken to Saad's office by Areeb, who demands her to inform Saad that she wants to break their marriage. Maheer yells and tells the two to stop with this nonsense as Areeb and Saad are bickering about who Maheer loves and wants to stay with.

She challenges Saad, saying, "How dare you pretend to be some kind of generous God who would let go of his own wife?" Why in the world does Areeb believe she could leave her husband and be with him? Why do they believe that she is a toy that they are fighting over or that they can throw away after they are done playing with it?

She felt so overcome with emotions that she became unconscious, and Areeb took her to a private hospital. At the hospital, Saad and Areeb can be seen acting concerned. The doctor, who is also perplexed, first informs Areeb of Maheer's health and later tells Saad how she is doing. Areeb stepped in to cover all costs when Saad was unable to pay the hospital's hefty bill.

When Areeb's despicable mother learns that Maheer was the friend Areeb was visiting at the hospital, she seizes the opportunity to go there and humiliate her once more. Maheer simply miraculously gets up after being humiliated by Areeb's mother and Faha and tells Saad to leave while holding his hand.

When Maheer and Saad arrive at the house, Neelo is all set to put Maheer through another guilt-trip when Saad informs them that Maheer is unwell and was in fact at the hospital. Rafia sees this as the ideal chance to shame everyone for being so narrow-minded and believing mohallay ki toxic aunties.

Maheer confronts Saad and asks him why, if she is his wife, he did not take her to a less expensive hospital rather than that expensive private one. She confessed that she has come to terms with the reality that Saad had been chosen by Allah for her as her spouse and that she has accepted him. Saad was obviously overjoyed after hearing this.

Areeb makes every effort to speak with Maheer by calling her again and again and begging her to be with him rather than Saad. Maheer reminds him that she once said she would choose honor over anything if she had to choose between love and respect. As a result, he must accept the reality that she does not want to be with him and he should leave her alone so that she can live her life.

The episode didn't make any sense at all, with the exception of the scene where Maheer eventually admits to accepting Saad as her life partner and better half. No one batted an eye at the office when Areeb dragged Maheer to Saad's office. There were no connections or contexts at all throughout the entire hospital scene. Which hospital Areeb was at? How did Areeb's family find out? When his mother herself spoke to him, why did everyone rush to the hospital? Why didn't Areeb tell his mother he was there for a friend and not because something had happened to him when they spoke on the phone, especially knowing how vile she is? Why did Saad allow his wife to be degraded by anyone? The entire episode was absolutely absurd. Since the drama cannot move the plot properly ahead, we think it should end by now.

The performances from Wahaj and Hania is the only thing keeping it from being a complete disaster. Zaviyar, though, needs to improve his acting skills.

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