22 Qadam, Last Episode: Fari’s Dream Came True

Ragra-11 appeared to be losing the match against Pakistan-A, but an injured Liza and an unstoppable Fari came to the...
Published 02 Feb, 2024 12:35am

Ragra-11 appeared to be losing the match against Pakistan-A, but an injured Liza and an unstoppable Fari came to the rescue and turned the match around.

Fari was batting as if there were no tomorrow, and even though she and the other player had nearly brought the score down, with a few runs remaining, the other play was bowled out, eliminating Ragra-11's chance of winning. Fari informed the opposing team that Liza was still not-out, while they were celebrating their victory. She was made fun of for having unrealistic expectations that an injured player would play and help them win the game. Liza did, however, agree that she would go bat.

As she stepped onto the field, Fari assured her that all she needed to do was hit the ball with her bat a little bit; the rest would be taken care of by her. Because Liza was in too much pain to bat smoothly, a couple balls went in vain. When she did, though, Fari was able to score a six on the following ball, securing them victory.

Everyone was overjoyed at this totally unexpected victory, but Fari was the only one who could not stop crying. As Fari recalled her father's final words, who begged her to swear that she would play and fulfill her dreams, she was unable to contain her tears.

Fari's shock at her father's passing was broken, and she started crying uncontrollably. The team allowed her to cry because they understood how long she had been suppressing her feelings.

When the scene fast-forwards to an international match, Liza and Fari are seen playing and living the biggest dream of their life. In addition to ending on a high note, the drama conveyed to the numerous girls out there that, in spite of all the challenges, all you need to do is be enthusiastic and determined to succeed in your goals. With enough support and desire, a girl, even when living in a conservative society, can achieve almost anything, including playing cricket. This message was incredibly empowering and refreshing.

Amber's story was really inspiring since she managed to leave an abusive relationship and didn't see it as the end of the world; through her family's support, she pursued her dreams. It was really amazing to watch Hareem Farooq in the role of Fari; she gave the character so much depth that you couldn't help but wonder what would happen to her. It nearly felt as though Fari was a person we had all met and known because of how realistically she portrayed the character. Fari will always be remembered for her energy, passion, and willingness to never stop and showing love for her loved ones.

We will definitely be missing 22 Qadam and Fari, the most; what about you? Let us know in the comments section.