22 Qadam, Episode 30: Fari Returns to the Stadium.

Though it appears Fari wants to play the match her father asked her to play in order to fulfill his last wish, it's...
Published 15 Jan, 2024 10:19am

Though it appears Fari wants to play the match her father asked her to play in order to fulfill his last wish, it's unclear if she is over her shock after what happened.

Amber's mother has finally shown support after everything she has been through. She has promised to just listen to Amber and to help her in ending the violent relationship she has been in. Meanwhile, as the team prepares to play against Pakistan-A, they are debating whether or not to play without Amber and Fari. Nevertheless, following a majority vote in favor of playing, they agreed to participate, and Junaid consented to assist them in practice. Coach Qasim also agreed to mentor the squad. However, because several of the opponent team's members have competed and won on a global scale, the team isn't holding out much hope for the victory.

Fari hasn't recovered from the trauma and is still sitting in front of the wheelchair until Amber threatened to take her father's wheelchair away from Fari's sight. At that moment, Fari changes into the kit of her cricket team and leaves with Amber following behind.

Ragra-11 has left and is heading towards the stadium where the match is scheduled to take place on a bus. As they were on their way, Karyana noticed Fari and Amber approaching the bus; she stopped the van and allowed them to board with the other rest of the team. Fari is just sitting there, expressionless, and everyone is afraid to even ask her whether she's okay and in a frame of mind to play as they make their way to the ground.

The girls reach the stadium; Coach Qasim offers his condolence to Amber about their father’s demise. But when Junaid worries about Fari's presence and the fact that she hasn't yet expressed her sorrow, Coach Qasim retorts that her sadness is so great that it will need time to manifest itself; if it does, before time, it will be disastrous. He reminds Junaid that no one may know about this better than Junaid himself.

Amber made an effort to talk to Fari and asked if she wanted to play, and suggested that if she isn't feeling like it, she really doesn't have to. Fari, however, ignored all of her concerns as usual and simply got up to play.

At the toss, Liza meets the captain of the opposing team who displays a somewhat arrogant demeanor. She forewarned her that Ragra-11 would not stand a chance against them and that they should just enjoy the game without trying to win. Ragra-11 appears to be unsure of its own players, as the opposition team chose to bat after winning the match.

We are happy that Fari is playing, and we hope that this will help her move past the loss of her father. We admire how Hareem Farooq portrays Fari as completely shocked and grief-stricken silent yet resolute. Because of their annoying, conceited captain, who came off as a little too threatening in her tone, we sincerely hope that Ragra-11 defeats Pakistan-A.

Do you think Fari will be unstoppable and that this is how she will get over her loss? Let us know in the comments section.