Khushbo Mein Base Khat, Episode 13: Who is Fooling Who?

Adeela has left Ahmed Zaryab's house, and he is now approaching every girl who even slightly shows interest in him...
Published 27 Feb, 2024 11:09am

Adeela has left Ahmed Zaryab's house, and he is now approaching every girl who even slightly shows interest in him with complete freedom and fearlessness.

Adeela thought that Ahmed Zaryab's flirtation had gotten out of control when she discovered him sitting and enticing Jahan Ara in his home's study. As a result, she decided to leave the house and spend a few days with her mother. Ahmed Zaryab calls Husna, luring her into thinking he is yearning to meet her and that his life would be horrible without her. When Husna arrives to meet him, he continues to use poetic phrases in an attempt to persuade her to accompany him to a private place rather than a packed restaurant, but she refuses.

Zaryab is making every effort to prove to Husna that he cannot bear the thought of losing her and that he becomes enraged upon seeing her with Shahryar. Husna asks him to like and comment on her poem that she uploaded on Facebook, and he says he would fulfill her request.

Zaryab contacts Adeela while he's at home, recognizing that everything in his life and house is a mess without her. He tells her she's the luckiest woman alive, that women want to be with him and would drop everything to meet him. He informed her that Shahryar believed he would become envious if he dated the girl he had left. Adeela inquires if he has gotten his trophy. He tried to make her think that she is his actual trophy, not that girl. Saying he misses Adeela, he makes an attempt to win her over again and Adeela wonders what sort a person her husband is.

Husna and Parvez's engagement is being fixed by Husna's family at home. Everyone appears to be delighted about the engagement, and Husna even publicly express her forgiveness for her mother. But in her conversation with Parvez, she claims that everyone, even her family, is dishonest and only thinks about themselves. When Parvez tries to reassure her that other people are also limited by constraints. Husna agrees, saying that she also has constraints and that she will no longer take instructions from others and will do whatever she wants to do. Parvez queries whether she doesn't think she's doing something wrong. She degrades him by telling him that he has such a narrow perspective and that he will eventually pass away in this place, living in this very gutter. She tries to lure him by promising him fame and an extravagant lifestyle if he is with her.

Penny shows up at Zaryab's house again but this time yelling and threatning him that she won't go. and that if Zaryab asks her to leave, she will take poison. Zaryab grants her permission to stay and got arrangements for her in their guest room. Penny tells him that her husband is being too watchful once more and that he keeps questioning her where she was and who she was with. But when Zaryab informed her that Adeela also had no intention of returning back, she knew that she had made the right decision in visiting his home. She informs him that she is only going to be here for a few days and that she plans to leave as soon as her Canadian visa is approved.

Zaryab continues to pressure Husna to meet him once more, telling her that he will be heading to her house and offering himself as a sacrifice in front of it. Next, Husna phones Jahan Ara to inform her that Zaryab is on his way to her house and that he intends to commit suicide there. Jahan Ara informs her that he was going to see her for lunch as per his commitment. Husna then repeatedly looks out the window to check on Zarayab, but he never shows up. After that, Jahan Ara meets Zaryab at his residence, where Zaryab continues to flirt with Jahan Ara, who appears to be solely concerned with having her poetry book published. She is secretly laughing at Husna's assertion that she said he would sacrifice his life in front of her home.

When Husna's teacher, Miss Tabinda, notices that she is depressed at college, she questions why. Husna informs her that her mother is actually her stepmother and that her family has lied to her and never told her about it. Her stepmother has never let her do anything and has always been quite strict and traditional. Miss Tabinda expresses her sympathy, and Husna explains that she followed Ahmad Zaryab's instructions because she wanted to succeed and establish a reputation for herself. She was informed; however, by Miss Tabinda that Ahmad Zaryab is a very clever man whom she has known for a very long time and that she should avoid him. Husna, on the other hand, pretended as if she has followed her advice, but Jahan Ara and Ahmad Zaryab are becoming closer, and that Jahan Ara has been working with him to have her book published.

After 13 episodes, the drama seems to have reached a dead end with no sign of going anywhere. Character development is vital, and we know by now that Husna is the manipulative, fame-hungry college girl, and Zaryab is the flirtatious, narccist poet and spouse, with the rest of the cast merely playing along to keep the drama going. The tale has a lot of potential, but it is currently just dragging. We are not sure why the story is not developing further than this, especially with such a strong cast and their impeccable acting. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.