Rafay Rashdi’s 'Jamun Ka Darakht' wins several awards internationally

In recent years, many Pakistani short films have been produced for international film festivals but only a handful...
Updated 12 Mar, 2024 05:03am

In recent years, many Pakistani short films have been produced for international film festivals but only a handful have managed to make an impact outside the country. Director Rafay Rashdi’s latest work ‘Jamun Ka Darakht’ has joined the list of those films that have won accolades for the country at the highest level.

According to the director’s Instagram, Jamun Ka Darakht was declared the Best Social Justice Short Film at the World Film Festival in Cannes. Announcing the decision, Rafay Rashdi not only thanked the organizers but also extended congratulations to the entire cast and crew.

Jamun Ka Darakht was shortlisted for the festival last month and revolves around the world of fashion where nothing is what it seems. It also marks the return of director Rafay Rashdi who made a name for himself as a producer with Baadshah Begum recently.

Although not much is known about the plot, one look at the trailer would make you realize that the story revolves around the important issue of consensuality between individuals. The director in an earlier post had hinted that the film will discuss this important issue and let the audience be the judge, rather than let the on-screen characters decide their fate.

What makes Jamun Ka Darakht stand out is that it is not your run of the mill flick where a boy and a girl meet, fall in love and go onto live happily ever after; it is a mature story about two individuals who are anything but young, not in love and don’t have a common interest. Penned by renowned scriptwriter Bee Gul who in the past written quality dramas on social issues, this thought-provoking film features Adnan Siddiqui, Maha Tahirani, Fouzia Aman, Zara Usman, Irfan Motiwala and Saman Ansari in the cast who have done an exceptional job.

Adnan Siddiqui’s presence is also very important to the film’s success at the international level because not only has he worked in Hollywood and Bollywood, he also has fans all over the world who still love his performances, be it in a positive or a negative role.

Bee Gul's previous work includes dramas like Raqeeb Se, Darr Si Jati Hai Sila among others and she is considered one of the best scriptwriters in the country. The audience can’t wait to find out who her brilliance was executed on screen by Rafay Rashdi and what were the factors that compelled the jury members at Cannes to declare the movie as the best amongst the rest.

The film is a collaborated effort between Rafay Rashdi Productions, Syed Murad Ali, Wah Wah Productions, and Faisal Kapadia and is likely to win more awards at international level for Pakistan. One hopes that it makes it to the cinema screens in the country as well so that audience here can watch their favorite actors in action, in a cinema near them.