Khushbo Mein Base Khat, Episode 6: Husna’s Short-lived Happiness

Husna was suddenly dropped off from the compering and Zaryab's interest in her in the span of a single day.
Published 06 Jan, 2024 08:46am

Plot Summary

Reminiscent of the brilliance that left a number of its dramas utterly unforgettable, HUM TV has once again brought back its A-game. One of the highlight of its current dramas is the captivating story of "Khushbo Mein Basay Khat," a drama directed by Mohammad Saqib Khan and guaranteed to captivate audience’s hearts with its complex yet intriguing plot, outstanding cast, and a poetic feel. Viewers are going to be deeply impacted by this play, which has been written by the gifted Amna Mufti and produced by Momina Duraid's MD Productions.

Characterized by the charismatic Adnan Siddiqui, the story revolves around the life of renowned poet Ahmed Zaryab. With his extravagant charisma and poetic writing, Zaryab draws a large following, contradicting with his literary accomplishments and his imperfect personal life. Nadia Jamil plays the role of Adeela Ahmed, who is Zaryab's wife, a surgeon and the backbone of their family, managing work, home, and their 2 kids while enduring her husband's perpetual irritation with her and his self-obsession. Husna, a young and impulsive college student played by the lively Kinza Hashmi, adds to the complexity of the story.

Ahmad Zaryab, is more than simply a charming poet but at home he is an emotionaly abusive husband; he is a character who constantly disregards his wife Adeela. Zaryab freely flirts with young, attractive women of all ages, utilizing his literary charm, but his self-obsession has no boundaries. His favorite hangout, the 'Jaltarang Cafe' serves as a place where he wastes time, openly flirting with the stunning but unhappily married poetess Penny, portrayed brilliantly by Sidra Niazi.

Zaryab is always degrading his wife's career in addition to humiliating her. Adeela struggles with juggling work, home, and kids because of his disrespectful outbursts at home.

Episode 6:

In this episode, after learning that Husna went on a mushaira on TV, Husna's stepmother and her phuppo start up a fuss because they are baffled by what the girl was up to. Husna, meanwhile, was picked up by Ahmed Zaryab to accompany her to her college's mushaira. But Husna, being her impulsive self, said to Zaryab without thinking it through that there was a big scene at her house yesterday when she went shopping with him.

Her cousin Pervez had to lie to cover it up, but she should have given them the truth instead of lying to make them think that she went out with him. After all, who would have suspected anything if she went out with an uncle his age? Zaryab becomes extremely enraged by this and stops Husna in the middle, telling her to exit his car right away.

A perplexed Husna arrived at her college and discovered that Miss Tabinda had discovered the truth about her appearance on a TV mushaira, where she was seen reciting poetry by someone else under her own name. Similar to her mother, Miss Tabinda lost her cool upon seeing her video and delegated the task of mushaira compering to Jahan Ara.

Husna was sent home after receiving an angry lecture and humiliation from Miss Tabinda in front of her fellow classmates when she arrived at the auditorium.

When a demoralized Husna returned home, Chajjo baji and her mother were waiting to question her. As usual, her overly emotional mother broke down in tears and cursed Husna. Husna, who had already lost all self-respect in front of her fellow college students, started sobbing and cursing at herself instead. Her mother became even more concerned about what might have happened and what she could have done after seeing this. Husna explained to her father that she had appeared on TV and taken part in a mushaira, which has caused everyone to overreact for no reason.

She lied to her father that she is actually quite skilled and that she has been hiding this from her mother, who is constantly questioning her at home. When her father inquired as to why she was crying, she explained that her teacher got jealous of her when she appeared on TV, and took away the mushaira's hosting from her, gave it to her friend Jahan Ara while publicly humiliating her in front of the entire college. Husna's father stated that his daughter's TV appearance was something he was really proud of.

Her father is now on her side, so she is again trying to convince Pervez and asks him to get her a fancy phone with a decent camera.

Adeela, upon hearing Zaryab enticing Husna over phone, appeared as if she was accustomed to his flirtatious antics, and Zaryab did not seem to be feeling sorry. Adeela hosted for his useless poet buddies a dinner party at her house the following day. But he only boasted about how all women fall head over heels in love with him, and that dumb college girl Husna fell in love with him too, mistaking his generosity for something else and lying to her family about him. He informed them that although she persisted in wanting to leave her home for him, she was forced to realize that this was not realistic by Zaryab. Zaryab was not pleased at all when he saw his friend Shehryar conversing with his wife, Adeela.

He warned Adeela the following day, in his customary demeaning manner, that she should avoid spending time with people like Shehryar because she seemed to be enjoying his company the previous evening. He informed her that Shehryar is referred to as a blind garbage collector because he loves collecting outdated, meaningless things and is the type of man who tempts rich but unpleasant-looking elderly women.

Adnan Siddiqui has consistently outperformed himself in every episode with his outstanding acting. For those who enjoy Urdu literature, especially poetry, the entire play has a certain feel that one cannot fall in love with. The performance of Ahmed Zaryab, however, is the one that really stands out; although it is clear that everyone hates those who behave this way, their allure cannot be denied. It is very amazing how well he captures the essence of Ahmed Zaryab in every way, including his poetry recitation, attire, cigarette smoking, and his ability to pronounce Urdu in a way that is just perfect. We really believe that Adnan Siddiqui's portrayal of Zaryab is unparalleled.

Nonetheless, the rest of the cast, particularly Nadia Jamil and Kinza Hashmi, have been performing exceptionally well in their respective roles. It was really amazing how Kinza acted and how Husna was depicted crying in this episode. After experiencing such disgrace, what do you think Husna will do next? Let us know in the comments section.