Khushbo Mein Base Khat, Ep. 7: Husna Is All Set To Make It Big

After going through the humiliation Husna is determined to disprove Ahmed Zaryab and everyone else, and it appears...
Published 15 Jan, 2024 10:31am

After going through the humiliation Husna is determined to disprove Ahmed Zaryab and everyone else, and it appears she has an ally on her path to fame.

Husna messages Ahmed Zaryab, asking, "Did he not sense something was off at her college that day?" And in true Zaryab style, he answers, "Yes, the college felt lonely without her presence. Why did she not come?" She responds, saying, "You left me in the middle, and now you're asking why I wasn't there."

Husna is then seen praising herself and creating a piece of amateur prose that she was proud of. Jahan Ara, her friend, arrived bearing a bouquet and Husna's favorite chocolates. After what had transpired at the college that day, she was a little surprised to see Husna in good spirits. She apologized, though, and said that she was forced to step in and take her place as the mushaira's host since Miss Tabinda was furious and not in the mood to hear no. Husna undoubtedly sees the wider picture and shows forgiveness to her friend. For once, Husna agreed with Jahan Ara when she claimed that Ahmed Zaryab isn't as endearing as she has made him out to be.

Back at the Jaltarang Café, Zaryab and his poet buddies are boasting about how Zaryab left Husna and showing them how she has been begging to know why he left her in the middle. Shehryar stealthily takes Husna's number from Zaryab's phone while they are engaged in a meaningless conversation. He phones Husna later, and she accepts to meet him at a park when he asks her to.

When she meets him, he informs her that Ahmed Zaryab's chapter is over and that she now needs to take flight on her own because she possesses the charisma necessary to become famous. He gave her the impression that Ahmed Zaryab and Miss Tabinda were unable to face her fame. He raised doubts in Husna's mind by claiming that Ahmed Zaryab and Miss Tabinda both want her journey to end there. Husna was surprised by the amount of comments people had made about her on the video. Shehryar now persuaded her that people want to hear her voice and see her beauty. He demands that she follow his instructions, promising to help her in becoming the well-known "Husna Hussain Husni."

Shehryar urges her to create a Facebook page featuring her daily routine, her poetry, and her photos. He tells her to get a ring light and the necessary gear, and just get ready to take off. Husna then follows Shehryar's instructions and goes with Parvez to buy the ring light, ready to take over the internet. Shehryar then showed Zaryab and the others Husna's new page at the Jaltarang Café and Zaryab does not look pleased to see Husna's page.

After Jahan Ara informed her mother everything about the dispute between Husna and Ahmed Zaryab, her mother encouraged her to speak with Ahmed Zaryab. Husna then goes with Parvez to buy the ring light as asked by Shehryar and is now all set to rule over the internet.

The drama's pace, which felt like it was moving slightly slower before, has been set by this episode. We now know that Husna would not give up on her journey even when everyone tried to stop her, thus it appears that she and Zaryab will have some tension, which Shehryar will take full advantage of. One just cannot overlook Adnan Siddiui's enhanced charms without admiration as they are such a winning component of his character development. We now know that his vocal prowess is unquestionably on par with his acting skills.

We also adore Kinza's portrayal of the stupid college student who will stop at nothing to achieve fame, as she has been doing a fantastic job in her part as Husna. She is also depicted as being opportunistic, seizing every chance to take advantage of Pervez's obsession with her. The motivation for Jahan Ara's mother pushing her daughter to meet Ahmed Zaryab is a little unclear to us. Her mother doesn't seem to think highly of Ahmed Zaryab, suggesting that she might have some back story involving him. What do you suppose Zaryab's response to Husna's poetic video will be? Let us know in the comments section.