Pehli Si Muhabat: Zainab’s Tragic Death Has Left Us Devastated!

Pehli Si Muhabbat’s latest two episodes have been full of tear-jerking moments involving Zainab’s death and her...
Published 01 Aug, 2021 06:11pm

Pehli Si Muhabbat’s latest two episodes have been full of tear-jerking moments involving Zainab’s death and her last goodbyes. The grief-stricken family have not been able to come to terms with her untimely death and Zainab’s character was one of the most loved on the show which viewers are definitely sad to see such a tragic end to. If you’re watching the episode be sure to grab a box of tissues before sitting down! As Pehli Si Muhabbat reaches its climax, hopes of seeing Rakhshi and Aslam achieve their happy ending seem to be fading away after the latest twist in the story!

The Plot

Pehli Si Muhabbat bid farewell to one of the most loved characters, ‘Zainab’, someone who never achieved love before or after marriage finally found peace in death. It was a heart-wrenching affair and one couldn’t stop the tears from falling. The character Zainab played by Uzma Hassan was troubled in a love-less marriage, a husband who kept taunting her at every chance he got and an ex-lover Sikander whose real face she discovered after he threatened to ruin Rakhshi’s life if she didn’t leave her husband and run away with him. Zainab was not only treated unfairly by her husband but also by her brother Akram (HSY) who chose his ego and honour over his sister’s happiness years ago when he forcefully married her off to Murad (Paras Masroor), the hardest blow to her already failing heart was Sikander’s villainous face that she never though existed. Unable to take all the heart-break she suffered a heart attack and left for her final abode.

Hearing the news of Zainab’s demise Sikander left the wedding and wandered aimlessly all night, he then found himself at her grave and asked for her forgiveness. However, it was too late for that. Faizullah, another man who was too caught up in his ego and honour was afraid of what the society would say now that his daughter Rakhshi had been left on the altar by the man she was all set to marry. Faizullah then asks Aslam’s friend Nadeem to tell him to come and marry Rakhshi within 24 hours, once he finds out this will be impossible for Aslam’s family as they have just lost their daughter he starts fretting over how he would be able to overcome the burden left on his shoulders. Just then, their neighbour Asif’s sister brings Asif’s proposal for Rakhshi and lo and behold Faizullah is actually considering it now that he’s unsure whether Aslam will come for Rakshi. Nargis vehemently refuses Rakshi to be married off to a widower with a teenage daughter but Faizullah seems to think that is his only choice. Nobody has asked Rakhshi what she wants, forced to marry Sikander out of her ‘duty’ as a daughter, we are afraid she will now be coerced into marrying Asif to save the family honour!

Pehli Si Muhabbat talks about the societal pressures plaguing our society

The story that started off as a simple love story has later developed into much more, the consequences of not letting your child marry someone they love has been shown through the phenomenal story of Zainab, Murad and Sikander, three lives destroyed because of a decision taken by the family in order to protect their name and honour. The same family was willing to ask for Rakshi’s hand in marriage since Aslam was in love with her but couldn’t bear the thought of their daughter Zainab marrying for love. The hypocrisy is baffling yet portrays the bitter reality of a vast number of households in the country. Rakhshi’s father married a much younger Nargis for love but couldn’t tolerate his daughter marrying Aslam because she was in love with him, forcing her to marry Sikander a much older man only to maintain his ‘sacred’ position in the society.

What’s Next?

After hearing Ishrat and Murad’s conversation, Aslam blames Rakhshi for Zainab’s death and seems to be refusing to marry her. Does this mean Rakhshi will be forced to marry her neighbour Asif after her father gives her yet another ultimatum? Keep watching Pehli Si Muhabbat on ARY Digital, every Saturday at 8 PM.