Jaafar Jackson wants to shoot a music video in Pakistan

Michael Jackson's nephew is a fan of Lahore, aren't we all?
Published 19 Feb, 2020 12:52pm

Jaafar, the youngest son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew of the late ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson was just here, in Pakistan last week. His Instagram and Twitter pictures with him posing in front of Shah Faisal Mosque and Pakistan Monument, Islamabad confirmed his short trip to Pakistan.

On his weeklong trip to Pakistan, he visited popular landmarks, and universities and tried different foods that are unique to Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi. Lahore has been his favorite, says Jaafar.

I’d always been interested in coming here and learning about the culture. So, when the opportunity presented itself, we made it happen within weeks!

he says.

Jaafar is an upcoming singer; it runs in the family. His debut single Got Me Singing has managed to hit 5.29 million views on his Vevo channel.

I was introduced to a lot of beautiful scenery, some of which I haven’t been able to see but the pictures were incredible so I have ideas of shooting a music video here

reveals Jaafar.

He also said that he would really want to visit Pakistan again and explore the country, especially the parts he could not see this time around. We are more than happy to have you here, again Jaafar!