Shamoon Ismail lands in hot water for racist comment

The singer later apologized for making a hurtful remark.
Published 01 Apr, 2020 05:09pm

Singer Shamoon Ismail went a little too far while talking about the ongoing Covid19 pandemic. This is truly not the time to blame anyone for a deadly virus that has put the world in lockdown.

Ismail made a racist comment on Twitter, blaming the Chinese for eating a bat and unleashing the virus. He wrote:

The netizens didn't like his sense of humor and trolled him, for making an uncalled-for racist remark. He later apologized for it, but perhaps not in the best way possible. Shamoon tweeted:

I never mean to be insensitive. Apologies if I hurt you.

His inappropriate apology was further scrutinized on social media, where people chose to school him. But the troll battle didn't end just yet. Shamoon made another wrong move to get back at his trollers. He responded to the tweets with:

The replies on this one were hilarious. Here are just a few: