Ye Dil Mera: Sajal Aly’s Performance Overshadows a Slow Episode

Sajal Aly's powerful scene manages to overshadow and dominate a slow-moving episode. Read on!
Published 22 May, 2020 02:55pm

All those who are addicted to Ye Dil Mera can relate to the fact that they are dying to know what will be the fate of Amaan and Aina in the drama.

While the story is finally unfolding, we want the plot to reach its climax, which is currently being marred by back-to-back slow episodes. There is little but some significant progress in the story this week and we can’t wait to see how Mir Farooq Zaman will be brought to book by Amaan.

Mir Farooq Zaman is still clueless about Aina’s whereabouts

It has been four episodes since Aina and Amaan went to Daryabagh. However, we are surprised that the evil to the core, cunning business tycoon Mir Farooq Zamaan is unable to figure out where his daughter is.

With so many men bidding at his feet, an equally shrewd Ali Baksh supporting him and even Amaan dropping major hints that he will kill Aina the same place the Mir Farooq killed his parents, our villain remains oblivious that his daughter might be in Daryabagh all this time.

Meanwhile, Nargis Bua finally spills the beans on what happened on the ill-fated night Aina’s mother was murdered. Farhana Khala is repulsed, shocked, and in anguish over how her sister was killed in cold blood. When she asks Nargis Bua why she supported a murderer all this time, we are stunned at her insensitive response that she didn’t want to be a ‘Namak Halal’. She finally has a sudden much-needed change of heart.

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We also realized how Aina’s mother was inhumanely killed in front of her baby. Her effort to flee was interrupted by Mir Farooq and his goons. Aina’s nightmares are all about the day she saw her mother get shot and we cannot help feel sorry for the poor baby.

The episode ends on a powerful note with Aina finally putting two and two together from her memories at Darya Bagh. Ironically, she all does it while being locked away in a room for days. However, the revelations have made her hysterical and she is falling apart. Will she also be able to recall her mother’s death scene? We will find out in the next episode.

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Sajal Aly is the Star of the Episode

The starlet was given minimal screen time in this episode. However, Sajal has proved all over again that she is a Queen on screen! Her emotional breakdown made us reminisce her strong performance in her Bollywood debut ‘Mom’ that won every one and made her a sensation in India.

The scene gave us goosebumps and Sajal gracefully saved an episode that was a bit of drag. Mira Sethi deserves applause for her performance as Neelofur, accurately portraying the plight of a helpless mother and an abused wife.

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Special mention for the brilliant Paras Masroor as Ali Baksh in the drama. There is not a single episode in which he didn’t do justice to his character and we hate him as much as we hate Mir Farooq.

Here’s to hoping that Ye Dil Mera finally picks up pace in the upcoming episode. We are most curious about its end.

Will Aina and Amaan remain together or this tragedy will have them part ways? Let’s wait and watch.