Terrorist Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi
Terrorist Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi

Terrorist Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi

4 gunmen shot today, Monday 29th June, after trying to attack the Pakistan Stock Exchange building.
Published 29 Jun, 2020 06:51pm

The police have shot 4 gunmen who attempted to attack the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Kamran Yousuf from Islamabad reports the latest attack during the pandemic.

The country's interior minister just issued a statement confirming that the four attackers were gunned down earlier who tried to storm the building of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, which is a high security zone and the headquarters of both national and international financial insituitions. He did not however confirm that how many of the security officials were killed, but a senior police official in Karachi said that at least six other people were killed, including a police official, a civilian and four private security guards of the Stock Exchange.

Earlier today, 4 attackers arrived at the building in a vehicle and tried to enter the premises. They launched hand grenades and killed 2 guards at the entrance. The police headquarters and paramilitary troops nearby gave leeway to 2 attackers being neutralised outside. The other 2 attackers were gunned down in a cross-fire attack which commenced soon after. Authorities have claimed that the quick action foiled and prevented a major terrorist attack and disaster in Pakistan. The Balochistan Liberation Army, which has been deemed a "terrorist organisation", has taken responsibility for the attack; previously in 2008 and 2019 respectively, the Balochistan Liberation forces also acknowledged their involvement in the attack on the Chinese Consulate and the attack on a hotel in Gwadar, Balochistan Province. It has been reported that the organisation is affiliated with other hostile foreign forces to undermine Pakistan's autonomy and its economic interests.

Constable Muhammad Rafiq was deputed at the entrance when the gunmen tried to attack and infiltrate the building, describing how the police force and security thwarted the attempt and neutralised the situation, where precious lives were sacrificed to take out the assailants.

Faisal Edhi was a witness to the incident, which was opposite his office, sending help and rescue efforts during the aftermath.

“The gunfire began around 10 am and was non-stop for about 30 minutes,” he said. “When I arrived the firing was in its last stages and the dead bodies of two attackers were lying by the outside gate, close to the barrier. We found the other two attackers on the floor by the main entry to the stock exchange building, they were shot before they could enter. One was dead but the other was still breathing. We brought him to the emergency ward at Civil hospital but he died there.”

An employee, inside the Stock Exchange, Iqbal Edhi, said they had locked the office doors when they heard gunfire. “This entire period of the attack our stock exchange did not stop, it kept working,”

The governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail, strongly condemned the attack against the PSX and shared his statements via social media along with several shocked members of the media fraternity, who show their gratitude to the brave security personnel as well as offer condolences to those who lost their lives.